Shionogi and HanaVax, Japan’s medical industry leaders have agreed to develop a nasal spray form of the Covid-19 vaccination. The creation is anticipated to undergo clinical trials in fiscal 2022.

Japanese pharmaceutical company Shionogi stated they will begin clinical trials on a new form of the Covid-19 vaccine. This new design is in the form of a nasal spray, and they expect to start trials in fiscal 2022. Shionogi’s introduction of the nasal spray vaccination paves the way for a new immunisation method that benefits countries lacking medical staff.

Developed by the University of Tokyo, HanaVax, a Japanese medical company developing nasal vaccines for infectious diseases, has licensed an agreement with Shionogi to construct a nasal spray vaccination for Covid-19. This process will use the venture’s proprietary drug delivery system. Scientific technology behind the development of the new vaccine stems from using a polysaccharide substance to deliver the vaccination through nasal openings, initiating immunity development.

Back in July 2021, Shionogi gained exclusive rights to develop and market the innovative vaccine based on technology, according to an agreement signed by both parties. The pharmaceutical company additionally announced its plan to start clinical trials for an injected Covid-19 vaccine which will exclusively be used as a booster shot. If successful, this booster shot could be introduced to the market by March 2022.

In the mean time, Shionogi has started its final phase for a clinical trial in Japan for its antiviral drug for Covid-19 patients. This antiviral ingestible pill is specifically for patients with no to mild symptoms in the early stages of Covid-19. The science behind this pill is to make virus replication impossible within the body by blocking the enzyme required for replication. By providing treatments in the early stages, Shionogi focuses on curbing development of long-term serious conditions. The pill is administered once a day for 5 days, and demand is currently high for such an easy-to-administer oral treatment.


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