This gifting season, shop these local brands in Vietnam and explore their thoughtful and heartwarming Christmas offerings. 

Shower your loved ones this festive season with warm greetings and heartfelt presents whilst contributing to a good cause. Whether you are treating yourself to something special, or scouting for the perfect gifts for your friends and family, take the initiative to support businesses and artisans from the community. Shop from Hive Life’s top picks of local brands in Vietnam to find the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas list. 

The Hive Villa Christmas Market_Shop Local Vietnam

Pretty Li’l homes

Pretty Li’l homes’ incredible range of home essentials are ethically sourced and handmade by artisans in India. Refresh your bedroom with their high-grade cotton sheets, or opt for their copper glasses decorated with vibrant motifs, which will also make the perfect present for your loved ones this holiday season! Their incredible selection of handcrafted artisanal pieces is truly a must-have for any home.  

Hive Life pick: Floral Glasses 


Pretty Li’l homes


Blue Moon 

Blue Moon was founded from a passion for all things natural, and upon trial and error, the brand’s founder concocted the perfect recipes to deliver essential nourishment and rejuvenation for your skin. Inspired by local flavours and ingredients, the natural beauty concoctions are made using traditional means and techniques.  Take your pick from their diverse range of natural deodorants, shampoo bars, and artisan soaps that are complemented perfectly with their minimalistic packaging. 

Hive Life pick: Cashew Milk Shampoo Bar

Blue Moon


Offering clean, green, and conscious home and lifestyle products handmade by hearing-impaired artisans, Limart is a social enterprise that brings new meaning and extra income to less advantaged individuals in the local community. Commit to a good cause this festive season, and browse their range of indispensable gifts such as their herbal teas, natural-scented candles, fragrant soaps, and more. Spread joy and kindness around you with each purchase you make this season! 

Hive Life pick: Relaxation Gift Set

Limart_Shop Local Vietnam

LIdee Haus

Re-imagine your living space with warm and comforting hues this Christmas with LIdee Haus. Carrying a range of minimalist yet elegant home essentials, LIdee Haus’ newest selection is just what you need to embellish your home this holiday season. Whether you are looking to add new accessories, or redo your furniture, Haus promises exceptional quality in all of its pieces for a timeless and festive atmosphere. 

Hive Life pick: X-MAS COMBO

LIdee Haus

Dulce de Saigon

The festive season would not be complete without the sweet aroma of freshly baked goods filling up your home. Dulce De Saigon not only offers comfort desserts to satisfy your cravings, but creates appetising bites that will look just as good on your Christmas platter. Serve your guests with the best sugary delights in town, including Dulce’s gingerbread cookies, macaroons, chocolate lollies, and more!

Hive Life pick: DIY Cookie Kit


Dulce de Saigon_Shop Local Vietnam


T.Ó.P Ceramic

T.Ó.P Ceramic’s classic pieces make an ideal choice of gift for those in favour of traditional craftsmanship. Their tactile handmade wares are finely executed to elevate one’s living space with warm and natural tones for a minimalist touch. From mugs to lamp holders, dishes to decorative pieces, each piece is unique and whimsical. Shop from their holiday specials to bring the festivities to your home. 

Hive Life pick: Christmas Mugs


T.Ó.P Ceramic_Shop Local Vietnam


Hemp Oi

Let sustainable fashion and lifestyle label Hemp Oi connect you with nature through their earth-first curated collection. Made with 100% organic cotton, their essential pieces are handwoven by the Lo Lo ethnic group in Northeast Vietnam, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to local trade and ethical sourcing. Share your support for the small business and give your loved ones some eco-conscious staples to kick off their green wardrobe!

Hive Life pick: Lo Lo Bag

Hemp Oi_Shop Local Vietnam

The Old is New Again

Delicate, conscious, and finely-executed luxury loungewear line, The Old is New Again is more than just your ordinary fashion label. Alyssa Jeanne founded the sustainable label to repurpose antique clothing and create ethical and environmentally sound vintage staples for timeless wear. Alyssa’s Victorian-inspired collection is a perfect fit for those with sensitive skin, made with high-grade sand-wash silk, and natural dyes, the pieces are soft and easy to wear. 

Hive Life pick: Yellow Gold Slip Gown

The Old is New Again_Shop Local Vietnam


Huou Vegan

Huou Vegan’s vegan kombucha tea is a must-try this holiday season. Besides the fermented drink, the label offers an array of vegan cooking essentials, such as their organic palm sugar, which also makes an excellent choice of gift. If you are looking to concoct your own seasonal brews of the beverage, try their housemade Kombucha Scoby, and craft the perfect festive drink to share with your friends and family.    

Hive Life pick: Kombucha tea


Huou Vegan_Shop Local Vietnam



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