Sleek, a Hong Kong-based blockchain company, is promoting real-world integration in Web3 to enhance human connections. 

Sleek, a blockchain-powered social networking solutions company based in Hong Kong, has emerged as a staunch advocate for real-world hybridisation to reinvigorate Web3. While some speculate about the decline of Web3, Sleek firmly believes in its transformative potential to redefine human connections and networking, envisioning a world where digital natives can effortlessly connect with authenticity, simplicity, and productivity.

Sleek addresses a common challenge: forgetting or losing contacts post-conferences or meetings. At the core of Sleek’s approach is the use of NFC cards to seamlessly merge digital identity with real-world interactions. Their Telegram AI chatbot empowers users to capture data efficiently, manage leads, and gain valuable business insights. It automates the categorisation of new contacts and helps identify actionable leads. Furthermore, Sleek’s NFC cards visually represent users’ NFTs, Twitter avatars, and handles, enabling instant identification of contacts’ communities and affiliations. 

Sleek identifies the complexity of entering the Web3 space, with new users grappling with various wallets and platforms. To enhance adoption, every digital card activated on the Sleek platform automatically creates a Web3 user wallet, simplifying onboarding. This Web2 and Web3 integration empowers users to claim NFTs and airdrops, increasing community engagement and event participation.

Sleek Web3

Sleek’s platform extends beyond connections and information exchange, acknowledging the transformative potential of Web3 and Social Finance (SocialFi). By embracing these decentralised concepts, Sleek aims to create new business opportunities and promote equitable value distribution, fostering a more interconnected world.

Through tokenisation, digital assets representing an individual’s social influence can be generated and distributed on blockchain networks. These tokens serve to reward community members, incentivise engagement, and provide exclusive content or event access. Social tokens empower creators, influencers, and community builders to establish direct relationships with their audience and monetise interactions, nurturing a more direct and sustainable creator economy.

Since its establishment in April, Sleek has experienced significant growth, with a tenfold increase in users in six months, totaling 11,000 registered users. The platform has facilitated over 300,000 connections across 60 global events, cementing its status as a key player in the Web3 landscape.

As technology evolves, Sleek, aims to revolutionise networking in the digital age through a unique fusion of Web2 and Web3 technologies.


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