There’s nothing as frustrating as when you’re having trouble getting some quality shut-eye. Read on to discover the sleeping apps that can actually help you get the rest you deserve.

Research shows that getting adequate sleep is vital to our overall health and well-being, and has been linked to health issues such as weight gain, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and depression. Despite this, sleep is often a neglected component of our daily routines with only 49% of adults worldwide being satisfied with their sleep, as documented in the 2020 Philips Global Sleep Survey.

Fortunately, there are a growing number of sleep apps designed to help you get some quality shut-eye. From monitoring your sleep patterns to providing soothing soundtracks to lull you into a restful slumber, there really is an app to cater to all your sleeping needs. We’ve rounded up our list of the top sleep apps to help you fall – and stay – asleep. 


If you find yourself missing the comforting lullabies so prevalent in our childhood, try Pzizz. Designed to help curb insomnia, Pzizz aims to help users fall and stay asleep through the use of immersive dreamscapes. Perfect for those who have trouble calming their minds, this app combines music, voiceovers and sound effects to ease its users into a restful, meditative state. Pzizz also makes use of personalised wake-up audio to gently bring the user out of sleep with its in-built alarm system, so that users can wake up feeling refreshed.

Cost: Free for select features; USD 9.99/month for full access

Available: iOS or Android

Sleeping Apps Pzizz


Get ready to fluff your pillow for a good night’s sleep with Pillow. Designed to turn your phone into a sleep tracker, this app keeps track of your sleeping patterns overnight and analyses your sleep cycle throughout the night, offering information on the different stages of sleep from being awake to transitioning into light sleep and then eventually to deep sleep and REM. Pillow can also monitor your heart rate and record audio while you sleep to give you deeper insight into your sleeping patterns. 

Cost: Free; Premium features available for USD 4.99

Available: iOS 

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Sleeping Apps Pillow


Want to hear some bedtime stories? The Calm app provides the perfect solution with its Sleep Stories section, which has stories for kids and adults alike. Read aloud by the soothing voices of celebrities like Stephen Fry and Matthew McConaughey, these calming tales are sure to bring you restful slumber in no time. If bedtime stories aren’t quite what you’re looking for, Calm also has an extended sleep music library filled with tracks made to help you relax. 

Cost: Free for select features; USD 12.99/month for full access after 7-day free trial

Available: iOS or Android

Sleeping Apps Calm

Sleep Cycle

With Sleep Cycle, a good night’s sleep is right around the corner. Intuitive and user-friendly, this sleep app aims to optimise your waking time by tracking your sleep cycle so that you can wake up feeling refreshed. After setting your ideal window of time to wake up, Sleep Cycle’s in-built alarm clock system will sense your sleep movements and gently wake you at the lightest sleep phase. Through sensing your sleep movements, Sleep Cycle can also break down each section of your sleep cycle and collate the data into your weekly and monthly sleep patterns. 

Cost: Free

Available: iOS or Android

Sleeping Apps Sleep Cycle

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