Japan is well-known for its exclusive interest in sports and the industry’s massive market size. If you are interested in forming a sponsorship with major sports organisations or athletes in the country, read on for the top sports marketing firms in Japan.

Determined to host the Summer Olympics in 2021 despite the ongoing pandemic, Japan is well-known for its exclusive commitment to sports in the Asian Pacific region. The country has produced athletes of great talent in professional sports- former Major League Baseball (MLB) star Ichiro Suzuki, current MLB star Ohtani Shohei, former Dortmund title winning football player Shinji Kagawa, four-time Olympic Champion Kaori Icho- and shown impressive results in international competitions, including the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, and Asian Games.

The popularity of sports in Japan and its global success emphasise the economic potential of the Japanese sports industry. The market generated US$4 billion in revenue last year, ranking fourth internationally, and the Japan Sports Agency (JSA) aims to expand the market value to US$134 billion by 2025. With the Japanese industry expected to grow under the firm support of the national government, sponsorship and partnership arrangements could be a convincing measure for corporations looking to expand their reputation and influence in the regional market.

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Such business strategies would require the involvement of a sports marketing agency that could help its clientele select the most effective way to promote a product through sports by doing preliminary research and providing consultations. If you are trying to expand your business or increase its revenue through distinctive marketing in Japan, read on for the top sports marketing firms in the country.

Top Sports Marketing Firms in Japan


Being one of the most influential marketing firms in Japan, Dentsu guarantees their expertise in the field of sports marketing. The agency has maintained solid relationships with many sports organisations, from the International Olympic Committee to MLB. Dentsu holds exclusive sales rights for broadcasting, marketing and merchandising of its partner associations.

Specialising in event management and sponsorship arrangement, the company has grown a great reputation in the domain of sports marketing in Japan. Dentsu’s most recent notable achievement includes being appointed as the marketing agency for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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Hakuhodo DY Sports Marketing

Hakuhodo DY Sports Marketing (Hakuhodo), is a domestic subsidiary of the Hakuhodo DY Holdings, and ensures quality service with the vision of becoming a “content branding company” specialising in sports. The agency aims to achieve this by regarding their clients, products, and athletes as brands that they need to add value to. 

Along with Hakuhodo’s confidence in athlete representation, the firm provides a wide range of services, including strategy planning and marketing support for corporate expansion, property management consulting for professional organisations, and sponsorship arrangements.

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Sunny Side Up Inc.

As an award winning PR company, Sunny Side Up Inc. (SSU) has proved their expertise in sports marketing since starting their Athlete Management business in 1991. The agency does company branding by utilising athletes, teams, and their supporters to maximise the visibility and influence of the client.

SSU offers other services in addition to sports marketing, including athlete management, sponsorship arrangements, and event organisation. The company has established a management agreement with Japanese football legend Hidetoshi Nakata in 1996, has been coordinating the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay Tokyo since 2016, and stands as the exclusive partner of the The Football Fives World Championship (F5WC) in Japan.

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B-Global Agency

Being a multinational company, B-Global Agency seeks the attention of Japanese companies that aim to grow internationally. The sports marketing firm utilises professional sports teams and organisations in Japan and the United States to promote and commercialise their client’s products.

Focusing on athlete representation, event planning, and sponsorship arrangements, B-Global’s recent significant works include hosting The Skate Exchange, the first-ever international skateboarding event in Tokyo, in partnership with the Women’s Skateboarding Alliance.

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Cross-Bee Sports Agency

With strong faith in the continuous expansion of the sports industry, Cross-Bee Sports Agency (Cross Bee) displays exceptional interest and knowledge in this field. The company largely offers two types of services: sports marketing solutions and athlete management.

Regarding sports marketing, Cross-Bee provides sponsorship strategy through consistent consultations with their clients, sporting event planning, and research and analysis of a designated market within the sports industry. The firm’s major clients include NIKE, Asics, Mercedes-Benz, and UNIQLO.

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