Hong Kong’s sports industry underwent a significant transformation driven by innovation in the newest technologies. To help navigate the sports ecosystem in Hong Kong, read on for the city’s emerging SportsTech startups revolutionising immersive experiences.  

The growing sports industry, in addition to being an indispensable pillar of public health, in the era of perpetual technological breakthroughs, is working to advance daily fitness, professional training, and coaching spaces. With an approximate global market size of US$16.17 billion in 2022, the SportsTech industry is projected to grow exponentially to reach US$36.81 billion by 2027. 

The digital transformation of sports is fully underway with numerous startups emerging to unleash the potential of the untapped industry. Here are some of the pioneering SportsTech startups in Hong Kong accelerated by Cyberport creating solutions in the industry in digital experiences, public fitness, and recreational activities. 

Cyberport SportsTech Startups_Hong Kong

1. Athleta Pro 

A one-stop fitness solution developed by athletes, for sports professionals. Athleta Pro was co-founded by former Hong Kong National Youth Team football player, Christopher Chung, and his partner ​​Shay Spitz, as an initiative to help professional athletes track their progress. The athlete management system incorporates advanced analytical techniques to evaluate a player’s performance aptitude, reduce sport-related injuries, and effectively accelerate their competitive edge. Designed to serve the many physical abilities, needs, and requirements of athletes, the platform offers highly flexible and customisable programmes through its bespoke dashboard trackers, training regimens, and more. The system has actively been adopted by professional sports teams, national teams, as well as local universities across Southeast Asia. 

Athleta Pro

@chrisjhchung & @shayspitz

2. A Champs

Renowned among international sports professionals, A Champs has developed an interactive training device designed by its team of professionals. It allows trainees and coaches to select across its collaborative and automated features, merging neuroscience with drills targeted toward optimising mental ability and physical performance. 

One of the startup’s many innovations, RoxPro, uses proprietary technology to provide the ultimate training assistant, a gamelike simulation that randomises exercise drills to invigorate an athlete’s cognitive-motor skills, as well as sports proficiency and capabilities, making training more accessible, fun, and effective. 

SportsTech Startup Hong Kong_A Champs

3. Roju 

Witnessing the shift towards home fitness, world rope skipping champion holder Pak Hung Cheung founded SportsTech application, Roju as a means to deliver accessibly and appealing home workout solutions. An all-in-one rope skipping app which offers users sophisticated training routines, its curated videos  meet world competition standards by incorporating various levels of complexity according to each individual’s abilities and objectives. Its current system allows users to further track and monitor their progress, while setting personalised goals to improve performance. 

Furthermore, the app is in the process of launching a new rope skill recognition feature that enables participants to upload their progress for evaluation by professionals, as an initiative to keep users well-trained and motivated. 

SportsTech Startup Hong Kong_Roju


4. Archon 

Archon offers end-to-end technology solutions aimed at improving and coordinating people’s health, fitness, and dietary nourishment. With an emphasis on research and product development, the startup has innovated a multitude of creative tech-enabled products and applications from a wireless jumping rope and bike metre, to its very own fitness tracker, to the Vibrante smartwatch

The Archon App targets bringing timeless and modern-day fitness experience through its multi-functional approach to tracking, sharing, and reviewing an individual’s day-to-day physical activity and progress. 

SportsTech Startup Hong Kong_Archon


5. Asia Motion E-Sports 

Hong Kong’s pioneering esports facilitator, Asia Motion E-Sports (AME), has transformed the realm of traditional sports, bringing an immersive digitised sporting experience. As the sole platform aimed at “sports + eSports,” AME is committed to breaking the bias around virtual athletics. 

Its newest location, AME Sports E-sports Stadium at K11 MUSEA, incorporates big data technology and sports science analysis in the development of their 10 unique sports, offering diverse virtual reality (VR) simulations. Its original concepts allow users to test and explore the potential of their physical endurance, speed, and teamwork. Moreover, in collaboration with Finnish label Polar, AME has developed a smart wearable device to monitor and assess users’ fitness, aptitude, and performance.   

SportsTech Startup Hong Kong_Asia Motion E-Sports


 6. Sportsync

Facilitating student-athlete pathways in Asia, Sportsync was founded by former ​​National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) athletes. The platform aims to lessen the knowledge gap and ease access to sports in academia. To align with an individual’s personal expectations and goals, the platform lays the groundwork for an evaluation process to assess their athletic and academic performance, potential, goals, and most importantly, their financial needs. 

Sportsync’s expert team of professionals further assists athletes to secure best-fit sports scholarships and access to world-class training programmes. Through its extensive network and initiatives, Sportsync has represented student-athletes across the globe, from high-school age to university undergraduates. 

SportsTech Startup Hong Kong_Sportsync 


7.  Diggin’ Limited

Hong Kong’s very own informational application dedicated to cultivating hip hop expression among artists and dance enthusiasts, Diggin’ Limited is the gateway to the city’s underground hip hop scene, providing users with access, information, and awareness of the unique culture and art movement. 

The designated platform allows individuals to learn about and explore hip hop events, dance battles, and other activities, as well as book dance classes and build professional experience. This Cyberport-accelerated startup aims to become the leading one-stop destination for artists, event organisers, studios, and other businesses to evolve their networks, while providing urban dancers and newcomers a space to gather, dance, and connect. 

SportsTech Startup Hong Kong_Diggin’ Limited 



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