Learn about what drove 4 creatives with full-time jobs to create the Standable as a side project. The latest desk on the market improves your posture and health at work.

The geniuses behind the Standable are Eugene Chew, Moritz Sanner, Joseph Constanty and Daniel Fintzi, a combination of creatives from advertising, marketing and designer backgrounds. When Eugene, experienced back problems for several months in mid 2015 from working long hours and a doctor advised that he start to work standing up.

Eugene researched around on the options available and found the solutions to working was rather limited. The choices available were not very adjustable, not appealing to the user or if it was; it was extremely expensive; “Solutions found were either extremely expensive, wasn’t very adjustable or not very attractive looking”. This was the catalyst for the Standable team to develop a solution to this gap in the market.

Current market solutions had either your arms or your neck in the wrong position or you were staring down to your screen with your neck in the wrong position. As all 4 Founders had full-time jobs, the Standable project was conducted outside of office hours with a burning desire to create a solution for this gap in the market. The whole process of researching and developing took over a year.

Keeping the concept simple, easy to use and affordable was the key concept to the team.

Composed of a combination of steel, reinforced nylon and plywood, the appearance of the Standable gives off a warm and homelike feeling for the office; feeling like it naturally belongs on your desk. One key attribute is that the Standable is the first affordable product that can adjust the screen level and keyboard level independently to the user’s needs.

Ensuring that the product would be easy to use, the non-mechanism allows for quick changes from sitting to standing, as it locks in its place automatically.


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