Collaborating with venture capitalists and listed firms, Startup Island TAIWAN organised a Taiwan Tech Solution Day in Ho Chi Minh City featuring homegrown digital tech startups.

Startup Island TAIWAN, a venture backed by the nation’s National Development Council, has collaboratively hosted a Taiwan Tech Solution Day in Ho Chi Minh City. Backed by local venture capitalists and listed companies, this event spotlighted the innovative capacities of 14 Taiwanese digital tech startups.

Co-hosted by Startup Island TAIWAN and the Vietnam National Innovation Center (NIC), the event fostered cross-border engagement and knowledge exchange, with participation from Vietnamese experts and key players from Taiwan’s startup ecosystem. This collaboration underscores the commitment to innovation by both nations.

Diverse sectors were represented among the 14 participating startups, ranging from marketing technology to AI-driven solutions. This showcase not only highlighted the startups’ innovative products but also illuminated the evolving landscape of Vietnam’s digital technology ecosystem.

Leo Wu, the Director of Startup Island TAIWAN, noted that this event marked the initial step in a series of similar initiatives planned across Southeast Asia.

Startup Island Taiwan

Startup Island TAIWAN’s initiatives extended beyond startups, gathering expertise from domestic accelerators and venture capitalists. Major players like Systex Corporation and Hive Ventures participated, contributing to the dynamic exchange.

Vietnam’s growing startup allure was underscored by Thomas Lin, Startup Ecosystem Manager at Systex Corporation, as he noted the shifting global capital flows and Vietnam’s ascent as an attractive investment destination.

Emphasising the appeal of Southeast Asia’s expansive market and abundant workforce, Michael Wu, Venture Partner at Hive Ventures, highlighted the region’s significance for startups.

Moldintel and Sightour, both recommended by these experts, stood out for their mature and innovative AI products. Their recognition as finalists in Vietnam’s prominent startup competition, InnoEx, further solidified their standing.

The inaugural Taiwan Tech Solution Day in Ho Chi Minh City garnered attention from the Vietnamese government and major corporations, marking a significant digital startup exchange between Taiwan and Vietnam. This collaborative event signified a promising milestone in the wake of pandemic-related restrictions easing.

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