Taiwan is known for its growing technology industry, with new startups creating exciting innovations each day. Here are 13 industry-leading tech startups in Taiwan to look out for in 2021. 

Home to 23.84 million people, 87.9% of which have some sort of device with internet connectivity, Taiwan is the perfect place to foster startups and quickly integrate new technologies. The country’s location also extends an additional opportunity for collaboration with countries from the east and the west. Currently, Taiwan ranks 15th as the best place to do business, with more than 44 startups reaching NT$55 billion in funding. Here are 13 tech startups in Taiwan that are innovating in and redefining their industries.


BioTech is recognised as one of the most important industries in Taiwan. With the country becoming one of the highest aging societies, many startups are taking this opportunity to build healthcare and medical solutions to this fast-growing market.

Seknova Biotechnology 

The prevalence of diabetes in Taiwan has increased from 4.9% to 9.2% over the past ten years. Although you can develop type 2 diabetes at any age, it is more likely to occur with people who are 45 years and above. Seknova Biotechnology is a medical startup that has developed a painless micro-sensor patch to monitor diabetes. Using a cloud platform, the data can be shared with family members and doctors to better detect complications and improve disease management. Simply put the sensor on your arm for 14 days and connect to your personal device to upload data.


Since a doctor’s prescription is not required to purchase antibiotics, the misuse of antibiotics has become a prevalent issue. One-third up to one-half of antibiotic use in humans is unnecessary or inappropriate. Misuse of antibiotics involves taking them for viral infection for colds and flus, or even using it for animal growth promoters. Taking antibiotics too often can create a bacterial resistance which can cause overdosing or requiring increasingly higher dosage. This can decrease your blood count, including your white blood cells which fight infection. MedFluid has created a first in class Microfluidic screening platform for a faster, more personalised, and rapid detection for antibiotics. With this system, they are committed to control usage and stop the abuse of antibiotics.



Telehealth is paving the way in HealthTech, and the remote diagnosis and consultation industry is expected to reach US$22.45 billion in revenue. Longgood is the first interactive rehabilitation software development company in Taiwan, providing in-home exercise or tele-rehabilitation products for those who are stuck at home and in need of exercise. Combining a cloud platform, to monitor a patient’s progress, with customised training programmes for each individual, Longgood’s products are currently being used by many medical and rehabilitation centers.


AESOP MedGuard medicine

Prescription errors happen every 2 seconds, which in turn affects the health of every 2 in 5 patients. AESOP MedGuard is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that identifies and predicts prescription errors for physicians and patients. To better complete prescription system service and time, the AI model is trained to analyse 1.3 billion prescription data sets provided by  the National Health Insurance Administration in Taiwan. Currently AESOP MedGuard is looking to expand their device usage to hospitals located in the United States.

Lumio Labs

In 2019, around 12.9 out of 100,000 Taiwanese died from high blood pressure related diseases. High blood pressure can lead to the development of many long-term diseases and it can also create further complications in the cardiovascular system. To better detect high blood pressure, LumioLabs created a phone case to measure a patient’s blood pressure. Simply rest the case on your wrist for 30 seconds and the device will record and analyse your blood pressure, heart rate, and past medical history to better improve your health.

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AI and IoT Tech


Verdigris is an AI Internet of Things (IoT) platform that eliminates electricity waste by making buildings smarter and more connected. Developing an advanced sensor technology that can be easily installed into any building’s electrical panel, Verdigris is determined to reduce electricity consumption and carbon emissions. Currently, they have received US$6.7 million in funding and are working with companies including T Mobile, JLL, and Verizon.

Aether AI

AetherAI is a medical imaging AI company that focuses on digital pathology. They provide an  AI-powered diagnostic tool, which will help change traditional pathological diagnoses in hospitals, pharmacies, and orthopedic settings. They currently offer services for bone marrow smear differential count, colorectal polyp detection, and whole-spine lateral measurements. AetherAI hopes that this technology will improve hospital workflow systems and also provide an educational platform by allowing doctors to share a whole scale pathological slide easily.

Aether AI

Cubo AI

Each year, 3,500 babies die while sleeping because of unsafe sleep environments or due to being suffocated by the pillow after rolling on their stomach. To solve this issue, CuboAI is a smart baby monitoring camera, not only does it record the baby while sleeping, it also tracks a baby’s sleep schedule, and gives alerts to a parent’s phone if the baby is in danger or crying. This smart camera also works with children, by sending alerts on their whereabouts in the house, if they fall, or if they are close to any sharp corners.


ALCHEMA is a homebrewing device that converts sugar into carbon dioxide and alcohol, the device will monitor the temperature, air pressure, and weight during fermentation. All users need to do is download the app, either create or choose a drink recipe, and drop in the ingredients needed to make your drink. The goal of ALCHEMA is to reduce waste by turning your local produce and ingredients into drinks while also reducing the amount of disposable cans or containers.


Sustainability Tech

ID Water

ID Water uses AI and IoT technology to help assist shrimp farmers to increase their average harvest by 400%. They are building environmentally sustainable smart shrimp farms to solve mangrove destruction, water pollution, and food safety. Their AI expert system is designed to control machines for feeding, probiotic providing, water heating and transfer, through using data provided by their Photoelectric Colorimetry Technology. In 2019, ID Water launched their I-Eat-Shrimp product that provides a preservative and antibiotic free shrimp to their customers.


Every year, 40,000 tonnes of e-waste are generated. 3Egreen offers a lightweight and easy-to-install electricity management system for those who want to minimise their energy power consumption. They currently also offer a power usage analysis which features accurate, easy to install, and wireless services for each customer using their cloud database.

Energy Tech


Ubiik is a global leading industrial IoT solution provider in Taiwan, that focuses on creating a smart and cost effective device for businesses to implement. Their IoT technology allows an object to wirelessly communicate information to its users, and some of their technology includes devices like RFID tags for long range, low-power wireless technology that makes up smart cities and factories.


Tesla delivered a total of 499,550 cars in 2020, a 39.56% increase in production since 2019. In Taiwan, they added 13 supercharging stations bringing the country’s number to 38 superchargers. XMIGHT Solution is an EV Charging System partner of Tesla which helps users prevent exceeding total capacity as well as informing users about electricity costs. Their focus is to make users aware of their energy consumption and help decrease usage.



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