Singapore-based startup SUBX FINANCE LAB creates B2B blockchain solutions allowing for integration with the metaverse and decentralised finance. 

Having attracted global media and investor attention last November, securing US$1.2 million in funding within minutes of their listing, SUBX FINANCE LAB ($SFX) is working to make blockchain accessible to all. Through their Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform, SUBX creates solutions for businesses by integrating blockchain technology with their infrastructures, allowing for innovation in the metaverse, decentralised finance, and financial technology (FinTech).

Tech consultants Adam Ihsan and Joe Kawai founded SUBX with the vision to drive a global adoption of blockchain technology quickly, efficiently, and at an affordable price. The firm’s products are accessible and compatible for integration into businesses’ existing infrastructures and processes, opening access for companies from any sector to adopt blockchain technology.

The blockchain market size globally is projected to grow exponentially from US$3 billion in 2020 to US$39 billion by 2025, resulting in a push for firms to integrate this technology in their current structures.

Despite its market potential, investing in blockchain technology can be a cost some businesses are not urgently seeking, or simply do not have the resources for. SUBX offers a solution for businesses with their BaaS products that can integrate blockchain, and are available at a lower cost.

SUBX already has two products available, and is set to launch ten more over the next few months. Their products include a no-code NFT minting solution and a no-code platform for businesses to create a custom blockchain token.

The products are also compatible with most commonly used blockchain networks, including the Ethereum network, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon Network, and‘s new Cronos Chain. SUBX will also be releasing a white-label platform where both businesses and individuals can resell their own branded products.

SUBX has its own native token as well, $SFX, which businesses can purchase to access their product offerings. $SFX can also be purchased and staked to receive 80% APY in rewards. $SFX is available for purchase on Pancakeswap and the Probit Global Exchange.

SUBX will continue to focus on forming high-profile partnerships with enterprises around the globe as well as improve integration performance of their products. $SFX will play a central role in this ecosystem, and the firm intends to super-scale the price action of $SFX.


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