The Taiwan Railways Administration has launched an intercity express train service to travel between Taitung and Shulin, to improve transportation accessibility with eastern parts of the country. 

The Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) launched a new intercity express train service. The EMU3000 train has 538 seats, including one carriage with 30 seats for business class passengers. The first journey took place on Sunday, December 26, going from Taitung Station to New Taipei’s Shulin Station. 

A ceremony took place prior to the trip at Taitung Station with several government officials, including Premier Su Tseng-chang, Transportation Minister Wang Kwo-tsai, Legislator Liu Chao-hao, Taitung County Magistrate Yao Ching-ling, as well as the Deputy Representative of the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association Hoshino Mitsuaki, according to CNA

Japanese conglomerate Hitachi is behind the EMU3000 train builds that were delivered on July 30 and cleared for operation on the 21st of December. The trains are a sizeable improvement from the Taroko and Puyuma express trains, with more than 40% more seats, said Legislator Liu at the ceremony. These new express trains are part of a government effort to make transportation links to the eastern part of the country easier and better, according to Premier Su.

The EMU3000 will run thrice daily back and forth services between Shulin and Taitung in Taiwan, starting on Wednesday, December 29, says the TRA. In addition, the railway operator said that seven of the fifty express trains built by Hitachi should arrive within the end of the year, increasing accessibility. 

Economy class tickets for the express train went up for sale on the first of December this year on the TRA website for NT$783, with business class seats becoming available two weeks later at NT$1,145

The food service available will offer bento boxes, crackers, ice cream, and cakes for sale, while business class travellers will be able to receive a complimentary food and drink item. 

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