Thai Union invites startups to compete in the Ocean-Derived Innovation Challenge for a chance to win invaluable support from industry experts and global exposure at the Agri-Food Innovation Summit in Singapore.

In a bid to foster creativity and sustainability in the food industry, Thai Union has recently launched an Innovation Challenge aimed at startups with a focus on developing innovative ingredients and applications sourced from the ocean.

The company’s objective is to collaborate with pioneering minds that are working on solutions involving seaweed or algae-derived ingredients, with a particular emphasis on promoting health and wellness.

Among the entrants, three finalists will be selected to showcase their concepts in live pitches on the grand stage of the Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit. The Summit will take place in Singapore from 31 October to 2 November 2023 in partnership with Temasek and is expected to attract a global audience of prominent agri-food stakeholders.

The company is particularly interested in working with innovators who can present use cases that encompass healthy and functional marine-derived ingredients, backed by compelling evidence. Additionally, Thai Union is open to solutions involving seaweed or algae-derived ingredients that promote health and wellness. Further areas of interest include the development of functional applications using marine-based oils to extend shelf-life properties, as well as leveraging precision fermentation to produce ingredients that would otherwise be sourced from the ocean. A link with the ocean is essential, but the solutions need not be solely sourced from it.

Thai Union Innovation Challenge

The winning startup will gain access to comprehensive support and guidance from Thai Union’s Global Innovation team, which includes technical expertise, regulatory assistance, and formulation development. These resources will empower the victorious innovator to bring their ideas to life and make a positive impact in the realm of diet and nutrition.

Moreover, all three finalists will be provided with extensive PR visibility to the summit’s global agri-food audience before and during the event. In addition, they will receive complimentary passes to the three-day summit, granting them valuable networking and learning opportunities.

Interested startups can submit their applications for the Thai Union Innovation Challenge through the Agri Food Innovation website. The deadline for entries is Wednesday, the 16th of August, 2023.

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