Buying coffee online through local roasters and cafes has never been easier. Here is our guide to the 5 best coffee subscriptions in Hong Kong.

The convenience of coffee beans delivered straight to your door, or the ability to personalise your coffee to your heart’s content? Our top five picks for coffee subscription services in Hong Kong will save time without compromising quality.

Knockbox Coffee

Featuring locally roasted, ethically sourced coffee, Knockbox Coffee offers a subscription service offering 2 different types of seasonal filtered coffee beans, shipped to customers on the first Wednesday of each month. Knockbox touts an extensive repertoire, showcasing filtered roasts, complex espresso blends, and expertly curated, ultra-rare Yemenias and Geshas that will satisfy even the most refined palate.

Knockbox provides 3-month and 6-month plans on their subscription service, primarily with filtered coffee beans, while also mixing in some premium selections from time to time.

Hive Life pick: Yemenia blend

Monthly Subscription: HK$230

interior of knockbox coffee cafe

Cupping Room (ICONS)

Cupping Room is among the city’s most well known coffee spots, whether it is for a quick mid-workday pick-me-up or a relaxing weekend kickback. Their exceptional roasting and buying team, including the 2020 Hong Kong Barista Champion Bosco Tai, have won multiple awards, both locally and worldwide. Cupping Room guarantees freshness by roasting globally sourced beans directly in Po Hing Fong in Sheung Wan.

ICONS, Cupping Room’s monthly coffee subscription service is being revamped in 2021, and features rare, premium 100g samples exclusive to their subscription programme. Other exotic, competition-grade varieties come in larger packages.

Hive Life pick: La Bella Gesha Guatemala

Monthly Subscription: HK$280

Box of ICONs coffee from Cupping Room

Urban Coffee Roaster

Urban Coffee Roaster (UCR) was founded in 2014 in Hong Kong by two coffee enthusiasts who aspire to supply fresh, locally roasted, specialty coffee beans with meticulously selected origins. Freshly roasted at their plant in Tai Kok Tsui, Urban Coffee Roaster’s beans are sourced from locations all over the globe including Bolivia, Guatemala, Colombia, and Ethiopia.

UCR’s monthly coffee subscription service allows customers to receive up to three different 200g cans of roaster’s pick coffee, from an annual selection of 36 different seasonal coffees, for HK$328. On top of their coffee subscription service, UCR also provides coffee catering for events ranging from corporate events to farmers’ markets.

Hive Life pick: Ecuador Napo El Chaco La Josefina Honey

Monthly Subscription: HK$115

interior of urban coffee roaster hong kong

The Coffee Academics

The Coffee Academics, which now operates in locations across Asia, was first started in Hong Kong in 2012. The label sports its own specialty Arabica coffee bean subscription with flavours ranging from fruit citrus to dark chocolate, sourced from Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Sumatra, and Kenya. Their subscription is perfect for those who want to enjoy a brew in the comfort of their own home, and true aficionados will be able to personalise blends to their own palate by customising orders down to the blend, subscription period, and grind size. The programme costs HK$256 per month.

Hive Life pick: Hong Kong Blend

Monthly Subscription: HK$256

interior of coffee academics hong kong

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If local roasters and breweries aren’t hitting the spot, 88Beans might offer the subscription for you. Every month, 88Beans curates a selection of coffee beans from boutique coffee roasters worldwide and brings them straight to your door in a compact package. 88Beans currently features roasters from Brooklyn, Arkansas, North Carolina, New Orleans, and Kumamoto providing a variety of roasts and flavours bound to satisfy customers, from your run-of-the-mill caffeine addict to dedicated connoisseurs. 88Beans offers a variety of subscription plans, depending on the amount of cups of coffee you plan on drinking in a month.

Hive Life pick: AND Coffee Roasters

Monthly Subscription: HK$210

88beans hong kong coffee subscription


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