The Maker Movement, within 18 months, Mark Burnett established Mabu Designs despite the fact Hong Kong’s manufacturing scene is juvenile with a limited market in the Maker Movement.

Within 18 months, Mark Burnett was able to establish Industrial Design Company, Mabu Designs. Despite the fact Hong Kong’s manufacturing scene is juvenile with a limited market. He commended Hong Kong for its assertive pursuit in product creativity using web and user experience design.

After stepping in Hong Kong six years ago to work as a retail display designer for a large sourcing company, Mark later worked as a mediator between designers and manufacturers; he managed projects right from the formation of concepts in the UK that were physically produced in China.

Growth ticked along and the clients started rolling in. The design company has been working a lot with a new Korean Cosmetics brand called MEMEBOX. Their collaboration started right after Memebox joined the Hive last year.

Since then Mark’s company has developed 20 stores; 10 more stores in the pipeline. When asked about his most exciting projects, Burnett mentioned his tête-à-tête with a cosmetic brand in LA and New York. Mabu Designs takes pride in its cost-effective manufacturing process; it is a unique ability in Asia to simplify the production of the goods.

Hong Kong being the home-base of this 18-month old company was a deliberate choice; the founder can quickly respond to projects by visiting and checking samples of the factories in China. At the same time, Hong Kong gave him convenience and access to the international market.

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