Trying to grow your business but don’t know how or where to start? Our list of top business coaches and coaching firms in Hong Kong will help you to ease your busy mind and become a better leader. 

As we step into 2021, one of the top business trends that is growing exponentially is coaching. Ask any business leader and they will tell you a large part of their success comes from having a strong coach. Whether you are a small business owner, corporate executive, influencer, entrepreneur, or just someone who wants to get their name out there, here is a specialised list of the 5 best business coaches and 5 best coaching firms in Hong Kong.

1. Acceleration Coach 

Janine Manning 

If you are a startup looking for ways to enhance your success, acceleration and executive coach Janine Manning has spent 12 years helping more than 1000 global professionals reach their potential. Graduated from the Curtin University of Technology in Australia, her coaching programmes offer direct, supported, and action-based approaches specifically for startups and early-stage companies. Manning has coached clients from Rosewood Hotel, HSBC, and ClubMed to unleash their success.



2. Presentational Coach 

Malcolm Andrews 

For those who want to build their communication skills to grow their executive presence to meet their goals, Malcolm Andrews is an Executive Communication Coach who helps executives develop their soft and interpersonal communication skills. Malcolm has worked for 7 years as an executive coach with clients ranging from the CEO of an international software manufacturer to a newly promoted senior manager in the banking industry. Through his coaching services, you will be able to deliver engaging messages with clarity and confidence.


3. Executive Coach 

Angie Wong 

Angie Wong is an executive coach who provides top leaders with managing tools and strategies to boost business performances to improve the company. Founder and executive coach for Wong Global Leadership Limited, Angie has coached senior leaders in HR director, Vice Presidents, and Senior Vice President positions. With the mission of creating lasting change in businesses, Angie created an exclusive Integral Growth Model to help her primarily female clientele become confident executives accelerating not only with their clients but also their leadership. As the former president of a renowned bank in the US, Angie is fluent in Cantonese, English, and conversational Mandarin.


4. Business Coach  

Grace C. 

Based in Hong Kong, Grace C. is a business coach specifically for women who want to turn their side hustle into a full-time profession. With 44.3k followers on Instagram, Grace teaches her clients how to grow their business direction, Instagram followers, and connections. Grace offers primarily Chinese content on Instagram and YouTube, giving tips and tricks to guide your business direction.



5. Career and Leadership Executive Coach 

Angela Spaxman  

A career coach helps clients with discovering and creating an ideal career work path. With 25 years of coaching experience, Angela Spaxman has worked with international leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs to develop strong leadership ability and a successful career transformation. Besides being a career coach, Angela also specialises in coaching CEOs with personal turnarounds and Executives with self-marketing presentational skills.


Top Coaching Firms in Hong Kong 

1. Lee Hecht Harrison 

A separate branch from Adecco Group- the world’s leading HR firm-  Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH) has 4,000 coaches working with more than 7,000 organizations in over 60 countries globally. LHH also offers virtual coaching to further reach their global audience, offering executive coaching in all levels of an organization to increase productivity and employee engagement.



With its innovative website, TERMA is an Asian-wide coaching team specialising in executive coaching. They mainly focus on creating customized training programs in self-management, leadership, or group training. TERMA’s past clients include executives from LOTTE, UBS, Goldman Sachs, and Adobe. The founder, Brian Newman is also an executive coach who has worked in Asia for 25 years and is fluent in English and Japanese.


3. FELIZ consulting 

FELIZ consulting firm is perfect for those going through a transitional period. Originally from Brazil, founder Mônica Zionede Hall is a corporate coach and trainer with over 15 years of experience. Since 2015, FELIZ Consulting is a firm that provides career coaching and training to companies and individuals all across the Asia-Pacific region. Besides executive coaching, FELIZ also provides coaching services for wellness, alcohol abuse, leadership, and presentational skills.


4. Loving Your Work

Founded by Angela Spaxman in 2001, Loving your work is a group of coaches of various specialities working together to coach professionals and entrepreneurs to become successful in their working lives. Their coaches help with career decisions, career transitions, communications, and businesses as a whole.


5. The Etiquette & Leadership Institute (ELI) 

Providing services for adults as well as clientele of all ages, The Etiquette & Leadership Institute (ELI) helps each of their clients to build confidence and character for job interviews, speeches, and business gatherings. Founded by Bernice Lee, Hong Kong’s Trusted Etiquette Expert, Corporate Trainer, and Children’s Etiquette Trainer. Bernice has coached executives globally from over 23 different countries, working at J.P. Morgan, Estee Lauder, and several international NGOs.


6. Evolve

Based in Hong Kong, Evolve’s executive coaches and leadership development consultants bring regional and global experience to clients in Asia Pacific. For over a decade, Evolve has helped thousands of professionals achieve greater leadership impact. Evolve consultants bring commercial acumen, energy and humour to executive coaching, leadership development and team coaching.


Evolve team


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