Looking for an indoor fitness facility to keep yourself fit in? Read on to learn about the top gyms in Hong Kong. 

Fitness and wellness are important for taking care of your health. The ongoing pandemic and global adoption of work from home and social distancing measures have also played a vital role in urging many people to recognise the importance of health and immunity. More people are now interested and engaged in keeping themselves fit, adding exercise to their lifestyles.

Hong Kong has many great opportunities to exercise both outdoors and indoors. Although the city has great running routes and public swimming pools, Hong Kong also has amazing indoor fitness facilities that are easily accessible and available for people of all skill and fitness levels. Here are the top gyms in Hong Kong to help you stay fit- and cool while you exercise!

Limitless HK

For those looking for a guided fitness approach, Limitless goes beyond personal training and combines functional medicine with health-focused coaching to bring about life-long results. Improving sleep and stress management, along with optimising gut health and blood sugar management, are a priority at Limitless, which is managed using a sustainable, science-based approach instead of “smash and bash” programmes and restrictive crash diets. 

The Hive members are eligible for various promotions at Limitless, including a 10% discount for the first time purchase of personal training packages.

Address: 12/F, 86-90 Wellington Street, Central

Limitless_Keep Fit With the Top Gyms in Hong Kong

24/7 Fitness

With the vision of enhancing their members’ quality of life, 24/7 Fitness offers opportunities for people to work out any time of the day, being a “24/7” gym with over 40 branches in Hong Kong. The gym is easily accessible and available for anyone who is willing to make an impact in their life through exercise. Its adoption of digital automation self-service and smart face recognition terminal demonstrates the centre’s aim of standing at the forefront of this industry. 

Address: G/F & L/G, Cameo Court, 63-69 Caine Road, Central (click here for other locations)

workout_Keep Fit With the Top Gyms in Hong Kong

Pure Fitness

Consisting of the best fitness equipment and programmes, Pure Fitness is one of the finest gyms in Hong Kong. From zumba dance to high intensity interval training, there are various classes available for their members to choose from. Moreover, Pure’s branch facilities provide spaces for specialised training, including boxing and kickboxing zones, powerlifting platforms, and athletic turf.

Address: 3/F IFC Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central (click here for other locations)

pure fitness_Keep Fit With the Top Gyms in Hong Kong


4ward Fitness

Being the only “Korean” fitness facility in Hong Kong, 4ward Fitness allows its members to keep themselves fit in differentiated ways that cannot be accessed elsewhere. With coaches from both Korea and Hong Kong, the gym offers unprecedented experiences, such as Korean Military Workout for strength and conditioning, and Kpop Dance for mobility and flexibility.

Address: 64/3 2/F, MPM Plaza, 11 Nelson Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon

4ward_Keep Fit With the Top Gyms in Hong Kong


Anytime Fitness

With 25 centres in Hong Kong and over 4,000 locations worldwide, Anytime Fitness is a well-known and reputable fitness gym. Their membership guarantees high quality equipment, improved lifestyle, and great services. Their recently-launched Anytime Fitness app allows users to easily set their goals, track their fitness journeys, and customise workout programmes.

Address: Basement, 323 Queen’s Road W, Sai Ying Pun (click here for other locations)

Anytime_Keep Fit With the Top Gyms in Hong Kong

Fitness First

Fitness First is dedicated to offering fine opportunities and fun workout experiences to its members. The gym’s fine amenities include aerial yoga facilities, a boxing space, jacuzzi and sauna, a lounge, and a freestyle training area for specialised sports conditioning. Fitness First’s one-on-one fitness program helps members focus on their individual training, set realistic goals through consultations, and track their progress.

Address: 64/3 37/F, One Exchange Square, Central (click here for other locations)

Fitness First_Keep Fit With the Top Gyms in Hong Kong

Flex Studio

If you are interested in enhancing your flexibility, core muscles, and balance, Flex Studio might just be the place for you. The fitness facility is a recognised training centre for classical pilates targeting individuals across all fitness levels. For those with a lack of interest in weightlifting but still a strong will to keep themselves healthy, Flex’s pilates, yoga, or Barre classes are engaging alternatives.

Address: 3/F, Man Cheung Building, 15-17 Wyndham Street, Central (click here for other locations)

Flex_Keep Fit With the Top Gyms in Hong Kong


Ultimate Performance Fitness

Through proven methods and personalised programs, Ultimate Performance Fitness (UP) assists members to achieve their health and wellbeing goals in spite of their busy urban lives. UP aims to provide chances for people in the metropolitan city to maintain their fitness within the shortest span of time, in the most enjoyable manner. Unlike their competitors, the fitness centre not only offers in-gym personal training but also online sessions for those willing to get maximum results from their minimum available time.

Address: Unicorn Trade Centre, 127-131 Des Voeux Road Central, Central

UP_Keep Fit With the Top Gyms in Hong Kong


Vulkano Fitness

Vulkano Fitness is a fitness revolution that incorporates body conditioning, strength building, body weight training, circuit and cardio in a group environment. The gym’s high intensity explosive programmes are designed for members across all fitness levels. Vulkano also has the Boom class, a martial arts-inspired programme, where people can strengthen their entire body through strikes, boxing, kicking and strength exercises.

The Hive members are welcome to a 20% discount on all classes and 10-Class passes at Vulkano.

Address: 2/F, 111 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan

Vulkano_Keep Fit With the Top Gyms in Hong Kong



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