Thai tourism leaders call for a full opening of the country to boost the tourism industry, as discussed at the Thailand Tourism Forum 2022. 

The 11th Thailand Tourism Forum (TTF 2022) that took place on the 1st of March 2022 brought together over five hundred delegates, including several Thai tourism and hospitality senior figures, to discuss the charting of a sustainable path out of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

TTF is Thailand’s largest annual tourism and hospitality event and has taken place this year as the industry aims to deal with the unprecedented crisis period. It ran under the theme #ThaiTourismUnited, kicking off with the Thailand Tourism Leadership Summit, which included several influential CEOs who set out their joint vision for the future via the signing of the Thailand Tourism Pledge. 

These leaders have committed to forging a new strategic direction for Thailand’s tourism industry, placing it at the forefront of the national economy, putting the service sector back to work, achieving sustainable growth, and helping to make international visitors feel safe and secure. 

The Thailand Tourism Pledge will lay the foundation for Thai tourism to be rebuilt from the ground up, following its decline caused by the ongoing global pandemic. A key point of the discussion was the clear call by all leaders that it was time Thailand fully opened its borders, stirring excitement for the opportunity to create a brighter future for tourism in the country. 

TTF 2022 commenced with a series of addresses, debates, and discussions to aid attendees in devising strategies to not only survive, but thrive in the post-pandemic era. STR’s Area Director for Asia Pacific, Jesper Palmqvist, presented the latest critical data, while Clarence Tan of Hilton, and Charles Blocker of IC Partners discussed “Why Hotel Operators Must Change.”

CEO and founder of Find Folk, Jakkrapong Chinkrathok, shed insight on environmental issues with his session, “Green Thailand,” and Wimintra Raj, Editor-in-Chief of Hotel Intel, went “Behind the Mask” to discuss new travel experiences. Other discussion topics included cryptocurrency, hybrid spaces, hotel transactions, and much more. 

Managing Director of C9 Hotelworks, Bill Barnett, concluded, “The reason we are here in person is that this is where it starts. Traveling again starts today. We have to open the country and be competitive with Vietnam and the Maldives and put our service sector back to work.”

As the world slowly opens up to a new normal, tourism-driven countries may lead the way in creating safe and sustainable solutions to international travel.


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