Hong Kong-based Two Moons Distillery released their newest flavour on Friday: Calamansi Gin. Their new product was launched at Hong Kong’s multisensory bar, Quinary, with a curated cocktail menu. 

The award-winning gin distillery, Two Moons, has released its new flavour at a launch with Quinary with a limited-time-only themed cocktail menu by Antonio Lai and their bar team. The theme of the menu being #findingcalamansi, three cocktails are featured, inspired by a mutual love for adventure and discovery. These exclusive cocktails are available throughout June and are the perfect complement to a hot summer’s day.

Two Moons’ Calamansi Gin is a new addition to their Signature Dry Gin collection, featuring the calamansi, a tiny citrus native throughout Asia, with a distinctive tart sweetness as well as bright, zesty flavours.

Taking inspiration from North, East, South and West, enter the realm of Two Moons and journey through land, sea and air where exotic fauna and flora lay hidden. Start your adventure in the North, a symbolism for creativity and new beginnings and head to the East Ends, a lush jungle dotted with seasonal calamansi. Let the scents of bursting citrus enthral your senses with Two Moons Calamansi Gin & Tonic.

East Ends_Two Moons Distillery Launches Calamansi Gin at Quinary

Next, travel into the South Seas, breathe in the ocean breeze as you pass by fresh calamansi and yuzu and sip on a beautiful blend of sea salt and fragrant citruses, experiencing a refreshing umami flavour. Finally, let the West Wind take you on a flight of fancy, with sweet vanilla weaving through Two Moons Calamansi Gin, and the sweet floral fragrances of melon and bergamot.

Guests of Quinary can also try their luck with a capsule machine at the door upon ordering any two of calamansi gin cocktails. To celebrate the full moon that falls on the fourth week of June, Grand Prize winners will be able to attend a “Full Moon” Masterclass on the 26th of June led by Two Moons’ co-founders, Ivan Chang and Dimple Yuen. Along with a plus-one, winners will have the opportunity to savour the summer gin flavour under the guidance of the expert distillers, while also sampling an exclusive serve shaken up by Quinary’s Antonio Lai.

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