In our bustling everyday lives with a never ending string of new iphone releases, music enthusiasts are taking a trip down memory lane hunting for the nostalgia vinyl culture offers, creating a space for the comeback of analog music. Saigon and Ha Noi offer countless opportunities for music lovers to explore the many vinyl stores in Vietnam and their expansive collections.

Tucked away in busy Saigon and Vietnam’s ancient capital, Ha Noi, vinyl stores have won the hearts of many locals. As younger generations join forces with older crowds seeking the nostalgic oasis vinyl culture offers, the playing field for music lovers spans unique offline and online stores, featuring records of any genre. Read on for our local guide to the best vinyl stores in Vietnam, each with its very own charm and story. 


Hang Dia Thoi Dai (Times Records)

Established in 2017, Hang Dia Thoi Dai (Times Records) is an independent record label paying homage to the preservation of analog music culture. From pop and rock, to alternative, to jazz and timeless oldies, this is the vinyl store to get your hands on both local and international records. Working closely with local artists on exclusive music record production, Times Records’ high quality Vietnamese vinyls are highly sought after and loved by the local music community. Head over to Times Records and run your hands through their large collections of vinyls, as well as CDs and cassettes. 

Address: 6 Nguyen Van Nguyen Street, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Hang Dia Thoi Dai (Times Records)_vinyl stores in Vietnam

Analog Audio 

Analog Audio offers an impressive range of vinyls from the ‘80s to ‘90s, and instrumental classics, featuring international and Vietnamese favourites. Drop by their store or shop online from the comfort of your own home, and browse through their officially distributed collections from reputable labels including STS Digital, Harmonix by Combak Corporation, and Impex Records

Address: 351/12A Le Van Sy Street, Ward 13, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 

Analog Audio _ Vinyl stores in vietnam

Saigon Vinyl Records

Another paradise for imported international records, Saigon Vinyl Records was launched with a passion for bringing quality vinyl collections to the Vietnamese market. They value and understand the importance of quality for enjoyment, going above and beyond to bring top-notch vinyls from reputable record labels and manufacturers. Aspiring to clear the notion that vinyls are available exclusively for the elite, the owners of Saigon Vinyl Records promise quality vinyls that will not break your bank, welcoming you with open arms to hop on this addictive nostalgic ride. 


Ha Noi 

LP Club

In awe of the unique vinyl culture they discovered during their travels abroad, a group of friends founded LP Club in 2018 with an aspiration to prolong the analog experience and build a community for music enthusiasts to exchange and connect. LP Club’s owner shared with Hive Life that the essence of vinyl lies not only in its charming rustic sound, but also how vinyl covers are unique artworks themselves, as many vinyl enthusiasts collect even before they purchase their turntables. A “Club” dedicated to all things analog, you can find a great selection of international and interesting vinyl selections personally-recommended by their very own regulars, whether it is the Classic, Jazz, Rock or Indie pop. 

Looking for something extra special? LP Club has over 2,000 pre-owned vinyls for you to rummage through and listen right at their cozy hideaway. Before heading upstairs to hunt for your next favourites, grab a coffee or a cocktail when coming into their vintage, pop culture inspired cafe- Montauk by LP Club. 

Address: 174 Kim Ma Street, Kim Ma Ward, Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi, Vietnam

LP Club_Ha Noi

Dia Than Vintage

Founded by local DJ 2T, Dia Than Vintage is an absolute haven for fellow DJs and Beatmakers with its dedicated corner for classic breaks and rare materials. If you share the same passion for old values and the distinctive rustic sound of pre-owned vinyls produced from the original tape, Dia Than Vintage offers a range of rare recordings of various genres; from pop, rock, jazz, funk, and soul, to folk world country and electronic. Starting with an online store, Dia Than Vintage just launched their own physical store this December, so make sure to check them out! 

Address: 147 Yen Phu Street, Tay Ho District, Ha Noi, Vietnam

Dia Than Vintage_Ha Noi



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