Vulcan Augmetics secures funding from Singapore’s Quest Ventures to expand its technology beyond prosthetics into wearables like health devices and AR/VR control systems.

Vietnam-based robotics prosthetics firm Vulcan Augmetics has recently secured seed funding from Quest Ventures, a venture capital firm in Singapore. The company aims to expand its focus beyond prosthetics into wearable technologies like diagnostic health devices and augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) control systems.

Rafael Masters, the Co-Founder and CEO of Vulcan Augmetics, expressed gratitude for the funding, highlighting the shared understanding and vision with Quest Ventures in scaling up their technology. He mentioned that these investors played a pivotal role in securing early pilot programmes for their advancements.

Vulcan Augmetics

Masters emphasised the global challenge of making assistive technology accessible, impacting an estimated 2 billion people by 2030. He further mentioned Vietnam’s potential in manufacturing and technical skills for cutting-edge machine learning software, envisioning Vulcan Augmetics as a global authority in enhancing the human body.

Vulcan Augmetics specialises in biometric sensors and customisable modular robotic prosthetics powered by proprietary machine learning software. With an estimated 57 million amputees worldwide, including over 500,000 in Vietnam, the company aims to digitise the prosthetics process, particularly for underserved amputees in developing nations, enabling employment opportunities and fostering independence.

James Tan, Managing Partner at Quest Ventures, commended Vulcan Augmetics for addressing significant societal issues with capital and technology. He highlighted the importance of affordable, high-performance robotic prosthetics, particularly for ageing populations, as it can significantly enhance independence, improve quality of life, and reduce the burden on caregivers and society.

The firm stated that the rise in amputees annually, attributed to industrial accidents, chronic diseases, and leftover explosives from past conflicts, is a driving force behind their mission. They aim to provide cost-effective, cutting-edge sensor technology to bring prosthetics within reach of marginalised amputees, facilitating their reintegration into society and the workforce.

The investment underscores Quest Ventures’ interest in impactful, scalable, and technology-driven enterprises, particularly those addressing significant social challenges. Vulcan Augmetics’ vision of advancing accessibility and quality of life for amputees aligns with this perspective, paving the way for potential groundbreaking developments in the field.

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