WEAT Studio and The R Collective, two of Hong Kong’s eminent fashion labels, have joined hands to drive their latest sustainable initiatives with the launch of the Weekender Canvas Bags collection.

Hong Kong-based labels WEAT Studio and The R Collective‘s recent collaboration serves innovative and conscious designs, accelerating their sustainability endeavours within the fashion industry. Combining the joint expertise and experience of the two founders, Nina Sieber of WEAT Studio and Christina Dean of The R Collective, they have curated an eco-responsible and highly-functional collection with their Weekender Canvas Bags.

Demonstrating excellence in craftsmanship, each handbag is fabricated using reassembled fashion waste, through upcycling and recycling single-use plastics and rescued leather fragments. The intricate yet eco-friendly design and production offers a range of minimalist and stylish luxury tote bags, promoting circularity and sustainability in their businesses.

WEAT Studio x The R Collective Collaborate

WEAR Studio was founded in 2017 to empower modern-day women with the fine curation of timeless luxury handbags and accessories. Influencing multifaceted and cosmopolitan lifestyles, the label envisions redefining smart luxury with its embodiment of feminine, versatile, and functional products, made with quality and sustainability at the core. WEAR Studio advocates for the slow fashion movement through raising awareness with their mindful design and production.

As a social impact enterprise, the R Collective continues its campaign to reduce fashion waste with a mission to rescue, reuse, and recycle luxury and premium discarded materials by converting them into eco-friendly designs and pieces. The sustainable fashion label was established in 2017 by its founding sister charity, Redress, an environmental NGO which pioneers in the movement to build a sustainable fashion ecosystem by reducing and reviving textile waste.

WEAT Studio x The R Collective Collaborate

To further develop their “zero-waste” principle, the collection is made from upcycled canvas textiles with a high-end finish, as each handbag incorporates up to 30 recycled plastic bottles. Moreover, the leftover leather fabric was used to create a keychain attached to the side of the bag.

Named the Weekender Canvas, the versatile and comfortable collection is ideal for weekend getaways or shopping sprees, where customers can enjoy and cherish their bags while being inspired to live more eco-consciously by their sustainable composition.

The Limited Capsule Collection is available in six beautiful shades, including black, grey, navy, aqua, chilli, and coral. With each purchase made, US$50 is donated to Redress.


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