WWF Singapore collaborates with the Temasek Foundation to launch the third year of their ASEAN youth sustainability programme #WeGotThis.

WWF Singapore and the Temasek Foundation are expanding their youth sustainability incubator programme #WeGotThis to include participants from ASEAN. The programme, now in its third year, aims to equip young people with skills and knowledge to lead effective digital advocacy campaigns on sustainability. In the past two years, #WeGotThis has inspired over 1,600 youths, resulting in the successful launch of more than 60 social media campaigns.

This year, the programme has been enhanced to include a virtual festival open to participants worldwide which will feature expert speakers sharing insights on advocating sustainability issues, digital communications, and community-building.

An in-person campaign clinic in Singapore will follow where 90 youths from Singapore and ASEAN will get together to develop and prepare their digital advocacy campaigns. Talks, group discussions, ideation exercises, and personalised consultations with industry experts will be conducted to ensure campaign feasibility.

The programme will also feature a 10-week incubation period from September 4th to November 10th, 2023, where youths will be paired with industry mentors, aiming to provide participants with the necessary tools to utilise social media for advocating change and making an impact in the field of sustainability.

ASEAN youth sustainability programme


#WeGotThis 3.0 targets young people aged 18 to 30 and consists of two components. The first component is a three-day in-person campaign clinic followed by a ten-week incubation period. 

During the ten-week incubator period, industry professionals will mentor the youths, allowing them to pilot their campaign ideas in real-life. Participants will receive tailored guidance on campaign messaging, science communication, and building community-led initiatives on their chosen sustainability issues.

By the end of the programme, participants will possess the skills to build a digital following, influence peers and communities, and drive grassroots change through their social media platforms, and their achievements will be celebrated in a graduation. 

For those interested in participating in this year’s in-person #WeGotThis programme, more information can be found at wwf.sg/wegotthis/.

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