Whether it’s a 2 piece suit, leather jacket or vintage kimono; grab a bag, fill it and pay by the weight at Shinjuku Outlet.

Don’t think shopping in Bangkok is limited to high street chains and local boutiques. Vintage and secondhand shops are there, like Shinjuku Outlet where it’s lined up a dozen items from the past packed onto rails, both men and women’s style for a rummage-fest.

Sourced from Hong Kong, Japan and the U.S, Shinjuku Outlet offers both first-handed and second-hand clothes for customers to mix and match styles. As we walk around the 4 storey building, we noticed shoppers carrying baskets filled with clothes, trying on new clothes, putting them on weighing machines. Prices start from 1 dollar (30THB) per 0.1 kg, and the standard applies to all clothes.

Once every 2 weeks, new stock is delivered to each branch, and that’s when shoppers gather patiently and grab their basket while the staff unloads the new collections. So if you are in love with vintage, adaptable costume with affordable price, this is the perfect destination for you. Fans of Shinjuku Outlet include Director Poj Arnon, who made a success in Hor-Taew-Taek the movie.

Founded by Trairong Kraisurapan in 2015, Shinjuku Outlet has grown impressively with over 15 branches to date. A big fish in a small pond, Kraisurapanit’s the first retail store in the market that sells clothes by weight. “It takes a little bit of courage to be the first retail shop in Thailand to do that. I saw this business model in the U.S and noticed the big gap in Thailand market, so I invested in the business. There were ups and down before we come up with the right price point and the right style. We adapted ourselves bit by bit to make our product appealing to the locals. There’s a growing number of young business who are looking for trustworthy suppliers,” he explains.



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