Bangkok has been known for its charming markets and developing art scene, but have you heard about the Sloppy Craftsman?


Sloppy Craftsman is a creative art space established by Somchai Songwattana, Founder of Flynow fashion brand. The 188,000 square feet space is Bangkok’s biggest art space to date and features different fields of art like theater, fashion and independent movies. The place boasts an impressive architectural structure made from locally sourced materials with zinc sheets and wooden windows. “Our café isn’t just a place to eat anymore, we can make a theatre piece out of eating habits or dining culture,” explains Somchai on the concept of Sloppy Craftsman.

“When asked what Sloppy Craftsman means, I question them back and receive interesting answers. For me, imperfection is intriguing, no strict rules and no judgement. There are several ideas beneath that word. It represents the identity of Thai people, how spontaneous and artistic we are,” continues Somchai.


Impressively, Somchai has helped create this city’s most diverse artist community by organising events including A Documentary Cinema hosted by Editor of Bioscope Magazine, Thida Palitapongarnpim and a Theatre, curated by Choreographer Pichet Klunchun.

The intention of Sloppy Craftsman is not just a space for the public but for the trace of generations. Ideas from each generation can be collected and understood in order to reduce confusion and fill in the gap of the society. At the end, he believes knowledge is the only thing that lives rather than objects.

Sloppy Craftsman will open to the public in April 2017.
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