The newest player in the hard seltzer industry, Hong Kong-based BubbleMe launched their “guilt-free” hard seltzer June 29th at The Lawn Club Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s up and coming hard seltzer brand, BubbleMe, is the first in the city to create a zero sugar, Vitamin C-infused, antioxidant-rich spiked sparkling water beverage. Founded by Allen Zhang, inspired by popular nonalcoholic sparkling water brand, LaCroix, Allen decided to bridge the gap between the flavoured water fad and guilt-free drinking.

We aim to revolutionise the drinking experience with healthier options for Asia,” Allen Zhang, BubbleMe’s Founder and Managing Director shared with Hive Life

The brand’s launch features three exclusive flavours, available only in Hong Kong. Each drink contains 5% alcohol by volume, antioxidants, and Vitamin C, are naturally sweetened, gluten free, and vegan. Each of their new flavours are a refreshing complement to Hong Kong’s hot summers, and are available on their website, The Lawn Club, bars, and other retailers across the city.

BubbleMe’s “Mango-Peach” flavour offers a peachy crisp finish, with tropical undertones, whilst their “Lychee-Lime” holds a smooth lime taste, with a hint of fragrant floral notes of lychee. Their third flavour, “Strawberry-Earl Grey” is nostalgic in its comforting and familiar strawberry taste, and its refreshing fusion twist with an earl grey aftertaste. Participants of the launch event were also encouraged to create their own craft cocktails made with BubbleMe hard seltzer.

Strawberry Earl Grey_BubbleMe Launches Guilt-Free Hard Seltzer at The Lawn Club Hong Kong

Allen started out professionally as an aerospace engineer, before meeting with some craft brewers, who helped to realise his vision. He shares that the biggest challenge for BubbleMe was production, “Having a good product is crucial to succeeding if in the beverage market.”

Many large alcohol brands are recognising the popularity of hard seltzers and launching their own products on the market. Production and perfecting the formula of each of their flavours took most of their effort and time when creating BubbleMe. Starting a new brand during the Covid-19 pandemic was also challenging, as the primary distribution method for new brands is first bars, and then retailers and supermarkets. Fortunately, with some pandemic restrictions being lifted in Hong Kong, the city is the perfect place for the brand’s summer launch.

Allen Zhang_BubbleMe Launches Guilt-Free Hard Seltzer at The Lawn Club Hong Kong

Allen Zhang, BubbleMe’s Founder and Managing Director

In 2019, hard seltzer purchases grew by 229% in the United States, compared to only 1% for beer, and the industry is fast-growing worldwide. Growing in popularity in Asia, spreading to markets in Japan, and now Hong Kong, BubbleMe is a tasteful introduction to this light and fruity alcoholic beverage.

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