Jules de Leusse, Emma Mariani, and Michael C., are the brilliant forces at work behind the new food and hospitality platform, Catering Hong Kong. Hive Life caught up with the culinary entrepreneurs, diving into the city’s one-stop caterer, and how they managed to scale during the lockdown, as well as their vision for the future of the company.  

Helmed by aspiring culinary entrepreneurs, Jules de Leusse, Emma Mariani, and Michael C.– Catering Hong Kong provides bespoke food and hospitality services, as your dedicated catering concierge to help you elevate your next event. Whether you are hosting a formal cocktail reception, a sociable corporate dinner, or a simple brunch at your home– Catering Hong Kong promises to deliver the most refreshing and diverse gastronomy, along with their cordial servicing.

The dynamic trio have combined their backgrounds and expertise in business development and marketing, to unveil their new platform, providing locals with an exceptionally curated F&B service. Launched during the global pandemic, Emma recalls it as their “window of opportunity” which allowed them to solidify their market strategy, streamline operations, and scale their one-stop catering solution as they reinforce their presence locally. 

The company has since expanded their offerings to serve the diverse needs of their customers by partnering with local chefs and culinary specialists in offering seamless catering and management, presenting an assorted mix of local delights and international delicacies. Emma shares more about their unique approach and the future of their business. 

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What Were Your Respective Professional Backgrounds Before Launching Catering Hong Kong?

Emma: “I have a background in events management, and marketing, [while] Jules previously worked in digital marketing, and as a successful entrepreneur [he founded HK Butler], importing French wine to the local market. As for Michael, he has extensive experience in business development.” 

How Were Your Previous Experiences and Skills Valuable in Impacting Your Current Role? 

Emma: “In my [previous] role, I organised countless events that gave me a unique [perspective] into Hong Kong’s [hospitality] industry. I realised a significant business opportunity for a one-stop catering company that would a full spectrum of services, from corporate buffets, to junk boats, and barman or chef-at-home [options] for parties. 

Jules’ knowledge and experience in [operating] a business in Hong Kong, along with his expertise in the wine industry were essential to [helping us get started in the F&B space]. [Additionally,] we can synergise the [two ventures] to provide wine and sommelier services. 

Michael’s role was invaluable in accelerating our company’s business operation and marketing, and growth.”

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How Did You Start Your Journey in the F&B Industry? 

“The covid-pandemic and its severe impact on the catering industry in the city [propelled] us to start the company. We envisioned that once [this was over], people in Hong Kong would want to gather and spend time together to compensate for the loss of socialising, [which would only accelerate the demand of our services.]” 

What is the Concept Behind Catering Hong Kong?

Catering Hong Kong is a one-stop platform that provides a wide array of catering services, an all-in-one business that helps you organise and manage your events. We have built a professional network [of F&B businesses and contractors], and are working closely with local restaurants, barmen, chefs, and waiters. 

We offer our clients a bespoke service based on their desired [catering] and quotations, and take great pride in providing the highest-grade quality [at the most] competitive prices.”

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What Kinds of Experiences Do You aim to Create for Your Customers? 

“We aim to provide the best experience by taking care of all the “drama” associated with running an event. [Most are well aware of the struggles] and many stresses of [overseeing] the entire process. 

Organising catering is about [refining] the small details, from price, to dietary requirements, to service quality, [and more]. We take charge of all that, so that clients can focus [primarily] on their guests, and enjoy their events hassle-free and stress-free.”

“Our strength lies in our [limitless] offerings. Thanks to our extensive network of [F&B professionals], we cater to all [diverse needs and demands] for our local customers, [whether it is] buffets or brunches, or having chef and barmen services at your home, or a food truck, and even lunch boxes.”

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Having Worked with Various Clientele on Many Diverse Occasions and Events, What Stands Out the Most to You? 

“One of our favourites [has to be] wedding catering. It is an [incredible] feeling to be able to contribute to our client’s special day, knowing the couple will forever [cherish the day]. While it does come with a [significant] pressure, [it offers a greater] satisfaction.” 

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What Makes the Local F&B Scene Attractive and How Do You Foresee Catering HK Building on That? 

“Hong Kong is a notoriously fast-paced environment. We often witness that substandard and rushed customer service is what leads to poor experiences. 

For us, catering is more than just delicious food and fancy drinks, it is a [value-driven] service. Our company has [adopted] a “European” approach to [provide an optimal] customer experience, as we aim to exceed expectations regardless of our client’s budget. We hope to see more companies such as ours to put [the guests’ satisfaction] as one of their key standards.”

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As the Local F&B Sector Moves Forward in Hong Kong, What Opportunities Do You Foresee?

“Hong Kong is a dynamic city, with a robust and diverse F&B scene. [Moving forward,] we [foresee] a steady recovery and growth for the sector, and we surely want to be at the forefront to provide original and extraordinary experiences. We want to enable people to rediscover the joy of [spending quality] time together, and what better way to do that than to share your favourite food and cocktails.” 

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How Does Your Business Aim to Build on Hong Kong’s Diverse Food Culture Through Its Offerings? 

“Hong Kong is one of the places with the most diverse food cultures in the world. [Naturally], when [launching the company] we [envisioned] embedding culinary diversity into our model. 

Our expert chefs come from different cultures and backgrounds. As our network grows, we [continue] to offer a [medley of diverse] cuisines, from local flavours to international delicacies. We proudly cater to and satisfy every [unique] taste and palette.” 

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What Does the Future Look Like for Catering Hong Kong, is There Anything Exciting Your Team is Working On?

“This year, we are launching the “Sparkle your Event” programme. Customers and business owners will be able to book the various services [offered by] local professionals across the F&B industry through [our platform], from chefs and mixologists, to sommeliers, and other talents, to create unique experiences. 

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[Additionally,] we want to educate people on the industry’s impact on our planet. F&B is vital yet one of the most polluting industries in the world. We are committed to making our events more carbon-neutral, from [eco-friendly] packaging to ingredient sourcing, and others, our caterers follow a strict set of [environmentally-conscious] guidelines. 

Lastly, building a better planet for future generations is one of Catering HK’s main priorities. We redistribute 10% of our overall profits to planting trees in Kenya, and Madagascar.” 



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