Marketing is one of the most significant challenges business owners face, and if you factor in more controversial products, it can be difficult to achieve results. This is the challenge CBD businesses face. 

While marketing a CBD business may seem daunting, there are many successful CBD brands.  For new and growing business owners, it may seem challenging to market your products, especially considering certain limitations currently in place. For example, CBD brands are not allowed to advertise on social platforms like Facebook. Regardless, there are many ways to sell CBD products online while following community guidelines and laws. Here are the 5 most effective online marketing strategies for CBD businesses.

1. Prioritise Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most traditional marketing strategies consist of trial and error- creating ads and hoping that your target audience will see them and purchase your product. What if there was a way for your target audience to find you? This is where SEO comes in. 

By building organic traffic, you can reach your audience, provide information about your products, and explain how they fit into their lifestyle. One way to achieve this is to pay attention to strategic keyword optimization. For example, if you believe you have the best CBD tincture for pain, you need to ensure you use related keywords to help your target audience find you.

Use strategic keywords in your meta tags and content, making sure to prioritize on-page SEO, local SEO, and technical SEO. With this approach, customers looking for CBD products will have an easier time finding your website. The high organic traffic will translate to leads and eventually sales and profits. However, keep in mind that SEO is a long-term strategy. You will not achieve success overnight.

2. Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing

Influencers are always trending, and as a business, you must leverage the benefits that come with influencer marketing.

An influencer will promote your product to their numerous followers for a fee on different social media platforms. However, it is not advised to go for the first influencer with a large following- it is crucial to ensure a proper brand fit. It is often the case that an influencer with a slightly smaller following is more influential to a brand that matches their interests, rather than one who has the numbers but little influence in the CBD niche.

5 Ways CBD Businesses Can Market Their Products Online

3. Build a Network of Affiliates

Sales affiliates are people paid on commission, and are a cost-saving alternative for new businesses who cannot budget for a full sales team yet. Therefore, this is a low-risk marketing strategy for your business. Some examples of affiliate programmes are CannAffiliate, Clickbank, and ShareASale.

This marketing strategy is available to any CBD brand looking to drive traffic to their brand at an agreed commission. As affiliates are paid depending on the number of sales they make, this is an effective strategy to market your brand at the very least, and you are guaranteed numbers, especially if the affiliate you’ve chosen is an influential person. 

4. Use Podcast Advertisements

Podcasts are a trending and popular form of content, and although podcasts do not have as much traffic as other social media platforms, they do not have as strict marketing restrictions as other platforms. Therefore, if you already have enough of a following, starting a podcast would also be beneficial for your business. Alternatively, you can rely on podcasts within your niche to market your products at a fee. 

5 Ways CBD Businesses Can Market Their Products Online

5. Grow Your Content

Content is king, and your SEO strategy must include updating and optimising old content to match current trends and information. Content is also a good way to give your audience a deeper understanding of your brand.

Tell your audience about your product, its benefits, why you stand out from your competitors, and find ways to get them hooked to your content. Including instructional guides on how to use your products also improves chances of brand loyalty.

Once you’ve convinced your readers that you’re the real deal, traffic will translate into sales. However, you need to be consistent in updating new content on your site for this to work. Outsourcing content creators may help you stay on top of your content calendar.

5 Ways CBD Businesses Can Market Their Products Online

Wrapping Up

Breaking the rules of online marketing for CBD brands will be harmful for your business. Therefore, it is crucial to familiarise yourself with existing rules before embarking on any marketing strategies.


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