This March, celebrate Women’s History Month and memorialise the incredible accomplishments of amazing women with our guide to supporting the movement and empowering younger generations to achieve greatness. 

Women have proven time and again to be great leaders and innovative trailblazers, with many revolutionary names contributing to history with their progressive work in the global equal rights movement. Internationally observed in March, Women’s History Month pays a tribute to the visionaries who have continued to break the glass ceiling to build a brighter future for all. This year’s theme commemorates the storytellers who have narrated our tales, past and present, and urged for powerful reform to repeal prejudices and injustices rooted in our communities. 

Celebrate these powerful women with Hive Life’s guide to events, campaigns, and organisations in APAC to support this March facilitating dialogue and powering the future.   

Celebrate Women_Women’s History Month 2023

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IWD Charity Trivia Night (Hong Kong)

This International Women’s Day, drop by the Hive Wan Chai, for a Charity Trivia Night on the 8th of March, to celebrate iconic and inspiring women throughout pop culture and history. Launched in collaboration with local volunteer-led nonprofit, TALK Hong Kong, all profits from the event will be donated to their support services. 

TALK HK was founded by Taura Edgar in 2019 to help sexual abuse survivors seeking essential support and recovery services, and to build greater awareness to alleviate violence against women and children. Offering a safe and inclusive space for all, the group welcomes those who have experienced assault to advocate the cause and assist with reforming legal and regulatory frameworks. 

Date: 8 March

Location:the Hive Wan Chai, 23 Luard Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Price: HK$200 (HK$150 Hive members)

RSVP: Charity Trivia Night

Celebrate Women_the Hive_IWD Charity Trivia Night


International Women’s Day Panel Discussion (Australia)

The Hive Collingwood in Melbourne is hosting a special International Women’s Day Panel Discussion, bringing together women from different walks of life to share their experiences and impactful ventures. Keynote speakers include Jenny Hsu – the Product and Brand Designer of New Zealand’s creative project management platform, Streamtime, Camilla Clarke– the Managing Director of a talent recruitment agency, Give A Grad A Go, and Maike Schroeder– Australia-based Strategic Career Coach and Senior Client Relations Manager. 

Share an eventful evening with these passionate women as they narrate their personal and professional anecdotes, and plunge into how we can nurture future generations to achieve career freedom, and shape a more inclusive and equitable society. 

Date: 8 March

Location: the Hive Collingwood, 92 Rupert Street, Collingwood, VIC, Australia

Price: Free

RSVP: International Women’s Day Panel Discussion

Jenny Hsu and Camilla Clarke_The Hive_International Women's Day Panel Discussion

@Jenny Hsu &

Memory & Identity – Nonfiction Workshop (Singapore)

Singapore-based women’s rights and gender equality nonprofit organisation, AWARE, is highly regarded for their transformative work in educating youth on the fundamentals of a fair society, and empowering them to make responsible decisions for an equitable future. Their research-driven advocacy strives to reform individual behaviours and attitudes by championing egalitarian practices on a social and communal level.   

AWARE launched their Growing Up Indian initiative to spotlight the diverse voices of coloured women in Singapore. As part of their anthology, the nonprofit will host a Memory & Identity – Nonfiction Workshop this March with renowned author Balli Kaur Jaswal. Take a stroll down memory lane, gather your thoughts, and write a personal essay, to explore this unique narrative approach as a remedial form of self-expression.  

Date: 22 March

Location: Online 

Price: Free (Donations welcome)

RSVP: Writing about Memory & Identity: Nonfiction Workshop with Balli Kaur Jaswal

Celebrate Women_Nonfiction Workshop_Balli Kaur Jaswal

WEAVE (Thailand)

The Women’s Education for Advancement and Empowerment (WEAVE) foundation hails from Thailand and was established to create a humane and equitable society, where vulnerable groups are empowered to freely express and enjoy their liberties. Dedicated to fostering women and the equal rights movement in the country, the nonprofit works to advance disadvantaged and marginalised communities. 

WEAVE is in an active alliance with the Coordination of Services to Displaced Persons in Thailand (CCSDPT) and the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), offering those deprived a fair chance at building socially and economically viable livelihoods by providing them with secure income sources, along with other rehabilitation offerings. 



Vietnamese Women’s Union (Vietnam)

Established in 1930, the Vietnamese Women’s Union (VWU) is a socio-political organisation widely renowned for championing the liberation and empowerment of underserved women. Their primary focus is to provide educational and vocational training opportunities, to help uplift disadvantaged communities by introducing them to the local workforce. 

VWU has led many impactful projects, from organising skill-based development workshops, to guiding young talents in the entrepreneurial landscape, promoting financial literacy and independence, and plenty more. Additionally, the group offers student loans for underprivileged girls to pursue their education further and secure well-paying careers. 

With over 19 million members nationwide, the organisation stays committed to its mission, fostering an equitable society and building a better tomorrow for young girls and women in the region. 

Vietnamese Women’s Union

Taiwan Women Center (Taiwan)

The Taiwan Women Center was launched by the local Gender Equality Committee in 2008 to facilitate dialogues between homegrown and international women-focused organisations and creative institutions. Operating as a museum and cultural establishment dedicated to bridging the gender inequality gap on a national level, they aim to promote equal rights and stipulate freedom of expression through its extensive coverage of historical narratives and artworks that have been a staple of the women’s movement. 

The centre hosts regular exhibitions and events exploring equality and other grassroot issues in the community, with an emphasis on remarkable historic and contemporary figures, while commemorating the incredible works of influential women and creators. 

Date: 8 March – 31 December

Location: Taiwan National Women’s Hall / Online

Price: Free

RSVP: Our Super Green Generation

Taiwan Women Center


Women’s Action Network (Japan)

The Women’s Action Network (WAN) was founded in 2009 to dismantle gender oppression and prejudice and create a “truly equal” society. The nonprofit aims to help women overcome a wide array of social issues, while offering extensive support, in terms of education, social wellbeing, and career advancement. 

WAN also hosts various lectures and workshops, while equipping young women with essential resources and information by connecting them to relevant NGOs and providing the latest research and coverage on the liberation movement. The initiative is driven by distinguished feminist scholar Chizuko Ueno, who has integrated her revolutionary approach and academic disposition to propel the collective movement in the region. 

WAN operates as an influential source for women and young girls to stay enlightened on all essential topics on women’s rights and empowerment, in the region and beyond. 

Date: 21 March

Location: Online

Price: Free

RSVP: Online Dialogue “Escape from the Family”

Women’s Action Network_Japan


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