Clarity Coaching Lab launches in Hong Kong with a mission to guide businesses and individuals on how to adapt and gain clear vision amidst an ever-shifting global landscape. 

As businesses and individuals adjust to a new normal in 2023, a new coaching practice has launched in Hong Kong aiming to deliver clarity and guide greater decision-making. Clarity Coaching Lab is on a mission to help professionals future-proof their careers in an ever-shifting world where we are met with more adversity and choices than ever.

Over the past years, many have needed to re- evaluate their priorities seeking reflection, insight, meaning, and new aspirations. Whether people are moving countries, making different career choices, or are one of the hundreds of thousands of professionals experiencing layoffs across multiple industries, many of us need to consider options, set goals, gain meaningful insights, create a plan and take action.

Founded and operated by Andrea Prince, a qualified coach with over 20 years of international experience in human resources at leading multinational firms and startups, Clarity Coaching Lab provides a confidential space to help individuals and businesses to make important decisions and thrive in times of volatility and change.

“We’re here to accelerate the performance, potential, and wellbeing of individuals, teams, and organisations through coaching,” shares Andrea Prince, the Founder and Director of Clarity Coaching Lab.

Clear Vision, Infinite Potential: Andrea Prince Launches Clarity Coaching Lab

Drawing from her personal experiences navigating change and living in several countries working for both large corporate and tech startups, Andrea empathises with her clientele as she guides them to reach their full potential.

Clarity Coaching Lab focuses on creative partnership for positive change, accelerating performance using a strengths-based approach drawing from multiple disciplines and the latest research in executive leadership, adult learning and development, design thinking, experimentation, neuroscience and positive psychology.

“We use evidenced-based practices that are aligned to the way that entrepreneurs and tech firms operate: experimentation, growth mindset, design thinking. We have incorporated a ‘lab concept,’ a confidential space where individuals and teams can test ideas and learn on-the-go,” commented Andrea.

Clear Vision, Infinite Potential: Andrea Prince Launches Clarity Coaching Lab

“We coach individuals, teams, and organisations to set actionable goals, work through what’s holding them back, and make conscious decisions so they can advance with greater purpose and clarity. We believe that when we create time and space to zoom out, we are able to reimagine what’s possible, think beyond existing models, develop healthy habits, and step into the future we want. At Clarity Coaching Lab, people are at the forefront of everything we do. Our vision is a world in which everyone has an opportunity to reach their full potential,” concludes Andrea.


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