Coffee delivery services and subscription packages are bringing Vietnam’s coffee culture right to your door.

Vietnam is best known for its iconic Ca Phe Sua Da– Vietnamese-grown dark roast coffee with sweetened condensed milk, stirred and poured over ice. By having locally grown and roasted beans sent straight to your home, you can customise your brew to your preference. Here is our guide to the best coffee home delivery services in Saigon.

Vietnam Coffee Republic

Vietnam Coffee Republic features a wide variety of products, ranging from its house 70/30 or 50/50 Arabica-Robusta Republic Blends to single origin roasts sourced exclusively from the Đà Lạt region and ready-to-drink cold brews. To ensure that drinkers can sample the seasonality of Vietnamese coffee, Vietnam Coffee Republic’s Robusta beans are sourced on a rotational basis from the Khe Sanh, Cầu Đất, Phủ Quỳ, and Buôn Ma Thuột regions. Each delivery consists of a 250g bag of VCR’s Arabica-Robusta blend, with a ratio of your choice, whether you want a stronger, more intense Robusta-heavy blend, or a mild, smooth Arabica.

Hive Life pick: 50/50 Republic Blend

Monthly Subscription: 135K VND

four bags of coffee beans from vietnam coffee republic

Warrior Brews

Helmed by entrepreneur Joel Zorilla, Warrior Brews sells premium coffee and cascara tea infused with MCT oil, a natural extract from coconut oil that has been shown to increase athletic endurance and heighten cognitive function. Whether you’re preparing to hit the gym or tackle a long work day, Warrior Brews gets you ahead of the competition. Through their subscription service, which offers weekly, monthly, and daily deliveries, you can receive MCT-infused drinks, home-brew kits, or 30mL vials of MCT oil sent straight to your doorstep. Brew a cup of coffee to your own preference, or add a few drops of MCT to a smoothie for an instant energy boost. Head over to their website to order online.

Hive Life pick: Flash Brew Coffee infused with MCT Oil

Monthly Subscription: 80K VND

warrior brews coffee

Soul Specialty Coffee

Soul Specialty Coffee offers an impressive menu of unique coffees bound to excite and surprise the palate of even the most seasoned drinker. Their lemon cold brew, served with lemongrass and fruit, gives you an acidic, herbal punch, and their cold brew cocktails are perfect for a relaxing Friday night. Soul also delivers their own coffee beans straight to you, featuring a fine Robusta roast with notes of oak, caramel, honey, and chocolate, as well as a specialty Arabica roast with an herbaceous, sweet aftertaste. A variety of brewing equipment is available for purchase from them as well, to perfect your home brewing kit, including a cold brew kit for those who want a cold, refreshing drink right at home.

Hive Life pick: Fine Robusta

Monthly Subscription: 99K VND

bags of coffee beans and cold brew laid out on a table

Thai Yen Cafe

Thai Yen features its Continental Classic, Deep, and Fusion blends. Notes of apple, jasmine, and chocolate make the Classic a good pairing with sweetened condensed milk for a traditional Vietnamese brew. The Fusion is an Arabica and Ethiopia blend rich in notes of dried fruits, suitable for Espresso and Americano, while the Deep packs a sour punch of lychee and orange, along with the bitter aftertaste of chocolate. The subscription applies to all products, including their three Continental blends, and ready-to-drink cold brews.

Hive Life pick: Continental Classic

Monthly Subscription: 120K VND

outdoor area of thai yen cafe in saigon

To name a few, Okkio Caffe and La Viet are also among Hive Life’s top picks for specialty coffee shops that offer online coffee deliveries. For more information, head over to our guide to the best specialty coffee shops in Saigon.

Featured banner image from Soul Specialty Coffee


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