We’ve ventured off our guidebooks to discover a cosy second-hand bookshop hidden amongst the busy streets of Yaowarat Road on Circle 22 in Bangkok.

Bangkok, one of the most bustling city in the world is full of hidden gems for lesser-known spots. We’ve gone off the guidebooks and explored anonymous-looking alleyways to check our some of the best-kept secrets for a quiet day out.

Set 2 blocks away from Yaowarat Road on Circle 22, boasts Yaowarat Second-Hand Bookshop, a treasure trove where book fans can find an extensive collection of books in English, Japanese, Thai and Chinese. Founded by 56 years old Chay Layanam who has has stocked his shelves with a fascinating range of rare titles he has collected all his life with classics including Charles Dickens, novels, magazines and comics.


Upon arrival, you’ll see the owner sitting at the shop front reading books every now and then, which gives the locals an ordinary scene of Saturday afternoon. The store is pleasantly packed with books laid on the ground higher reaching over 2 meters tall; narrow but charming.

Knowing every book he owns by heart, the charming old Founder explains how he spontaneously set the price, “The older the books are, the more valuable they become. Simply because they’re harder to find so they cost more”.


Don’t forget to marks this on your 2017 bucket list and prepare to spend 2 hours lost in written treasures.


Address:Circle 22, Mitrapan Road, Soi Makham 2, Bangkok, Thailand
Opening times: Open daily 1pm to 7.30pm. Closed on Wednesday

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