In order to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, here are 5 ways to prevent further transmissions and reduce the impact of the outbreak.

The COVID-19 pandemic is likely the biggest challenge our current generation has faced so far. Its outbreak has put a good portion of our planet in a stranglehold, sending billions of people into lockdown and subsequently delivering the fastest (and deepest) global economic shock in modern history. 

Across the world, governments are taking the steps they deem necessary to flatten the curve, with several countries cautiously beginning to relax lockdown orders as they prepare for a ‘new normal’. With this loosening of restrictions, however, comes inevitable concerns regarding complacency. It is therefore of the utmost importance that communities and individuals take the necessary actions to prevent further transmission, reduce the impact of the outbreak, and support local control measures. 

In order for us to eliminate the threat of COVID-19, we as citizens of the world must do our part to slow the spread of the virus. Here are 5 things you can do right now to combat COVID-19.

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#1 Keep yourself healthy

Once the coronavirus enters our body and comes into contact with cells, the infection quickly spreads, attacking the immune system as the disease progresses. 

In times like these, it’s crucial that we maintain a healthy lifestyle. We must keep our immune system in tip-top shape so that our body can resist infection. This involves paying close attention to our lifestyle and making changes if necessary.

Basic lifestyle habits such as eating healthily, exercising on a regular basis, and getting enough sleep are now more important than ever. On top of that, emphasis on personal hygiene and household cleanliness and sanitation is strongly advised. Make sure you frequently and thoroughly wash your hands with soap and routinely clean and disinfect your homes to eliminate all possible traces of the virus. It’s also recommended that you observe social distancing measures and wear a protective mask if you are out in public, especially in crowded places. Should you feel sick, isolate yourself from others and seek medical attention if necessary. 

#2 Inform yourself

Facts are crucial during times like this where the health of the public is at risk, so be sure to arm yourself with information. Do your research if you don’t know enough, and don’t forget to fact check. You do not want to be the one spreading false information about a global health hazard. We’ve put together a guide to spotting fake news if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the influx of information.

Filter your sources of information once you’ve verified them. Root out the ones that spread misinformation and share your findings with your family and loved ones so they too can avoid fake news.

Speaking of spreading misinformation, if you are a person under investigation for COVID-19 symptoms, be upfront and truthful if you are asked about your recent travel history, your recent whereabouts, and who you’ve been in contact with. Transparency, especially at times like this, is of the utmost importance – by omitting information, you are putting frontline healthcare workers at risk, putting additional pressure on an already overtaxed health system.

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#3 Check-in on people who are in isolation

If you know someone who’s living alone in an area where strict quarantine measures are implemented, make sure that you check on them. Living alone during these circumstances engenders real mental health concerns. Sending them a simple text message or calling them to ask how they’re doing can mean a lot and make all the difference.

#4 Make donations

If you are able to do so, donate. No matter how much you give to those who are in need during these trying times, it will be recognised. Small acts of kindness will always be appreciated in our current situation and it will not be forgotten by those who received them.

#5 Take only what you need

Everybody needs essentials during this pandemic. If you have the resources to gather what you need, get only what is enough for you. Other people need the same things that you do right now, so be mindful of how much you keep for yourself and avoid hoarding excessive amounts of essential supplies unnecessarily.

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Simply put, keep yourself healthy by adopting a healthy lifestyle, practising proper hygiene and observing preventive measures such as social distancing. Be aware of the latest news, do not spread false information and disclose your medical and travel history if required. Show concern for people in isolation, share what you have, and don’t take too much. If we want this pandemic to be over, we have to begin with ourselves, so we can also protect others to finally defeat this virus.

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