Specialty coffee chain Cupping Room is here to fuel Hong Kongers’ work from home slump with their new “Coffee with Care” sets. 

To help those experiencing extended lockdown, Hong Kong-based specialty coffee roastery Cupping Room is introducing new “Coffee with Care” sets to motivate and energise those working from home (WFH).

Their coffee care packages include coffee-brewing accessories, specialty brews, coffee drippers, tea capsules, and sparkling “flash-brewed” coffee, the first of its kind in Hong Kong. Three curated “Coffee with Care” sets have been created and are available for purchase online and in store.

Cupping Room_Coffee with Care - Capsules Edition (capsule, flash-brewed can)

For coffee lovers looking to sample Cupping Room’s different blends, the Homebrew capsule set contains a box of their Holiday Blend Capsules, which sources from Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia, giving notes of berry, almond and, chocolate, and two cans of their signature Sparkling “FLASH-BREWED” Coffee.

Cupping Room’s coffee capsules are compostable and made with a plant-based shell with a 100% oxygen barrier, to prevent unwanted oxidisation.

For those who enjoy more traditional brewing methods, the Homebrew drip bag set features five of Cupping Room’s Coffee Drip Bags, in three different flavours, and two cans of the signature Sparkling “FLASH-BREWED” Coffee.

Cupping Room drip bag set

For larger households and those looking for more variety, the Deluxe Collection includes a box of Holiday Blend Capsules, one box of Cupping Room’s caffeine-free Red Fruit Infusion Tea Capsules, two cans of Sparkling “FLASH-BREWED” Coffee, and five Coffee Drip Bags. Sample the different flavour profiles Cupping Room has to offer, and unwind after a long day with their house soothing herbal tea blend.

Take home or order a delivery of a “Coffee with Care” set to expand your palette and fuel your remote work. Be energised and do not miss out on exploring the world of specialty coffee, at a safe distance.

Cupping Room_Coffee with Care - Deluxe Collection (drip bag, capsules, flash-brewed can)

An award-winning small-batch specialty coffee roastery, Cupping Room is home to eight shops in Hong Kong and Singapore, bringing their international blends, tasty bites, and homey vibes to neighbourhoods across the two cities.


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