If you’re on the hunt for a tool to boost your productivity and organisation for 2021, we’ve sussed out the best daily planners to help you get ahead and map out the new year.

If 2020 has egged you on to be more productive, organised and focussed on your goals – take a bow! For some of us that motivation has been halted however, and we can only hope that 2021 is the fresh start we need to wake up, take a sip of strong coffee and smash those targets. Need a helping hand? We’ve done some digging and put together some of the best daily planners for the year ahead; add these to cart and get started…

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Full Focus Planner

Image courtesy of Full Focus Planner via Facebook

Full Focus Planner by Michael Hyatt

If you’ve spent a small fortune over the years looking for that perfect planner that will actually help you to get the job done, true to its name, Full Focus doesn’t disappoint. Broken down into 90-day chunks, the layout has been designed specifically to help you ‘achieve more while doing less,’ enabling you to focus on the work that matters so you can achieve goals. Featuring spreads that help you to explore these goals in more detail, set your intentions and map out daily rituals, as this journal easily gets you to the actual planning of your day, weeks, and month.

Best for: Individuals driven by setting and achieving goals

Price: from USD 34.99
Learn more about the Full Focus Planner here.

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Moleskine Daily Planner

Image courtesy of Moleskine

Moleskine 12-Month Daily Planner for 2021

A total classic in the world of daily planners, Moleskine’s 2021 edition is as functional as it is simplistic and sophisticated. Arranged to show one entire page per day – so that you have lots of room to note down events, appointments, tasks and ideas –  the planner is a distraction-free blank canvas that encourages you to make each spread your own.

Best for: No-fuss organisation

Price: USD 19.95
Learn more about the Moleskine Daily Planner here.

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Passion Planner

Image courtesy of Passion Planner via Facebook

Passion Planner

Deep dive into getting organised and let your creativity loose with the planner that does it all. An outlet for visual thinkers, write your thoughts, goals and schedule down on sustainably sourced paper and pave your own path to productivity with 40 additional blank and dotted pages. The best part? USD 1 for every planner sold will benefit charity: water, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to bring clean and safe drinking water to people around the world through community-owned and sustainable water projects.

Best for: Creatives and visual mappers

Price: USD 35
Learn more about the Passion Planner here

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Panda Planner 2021

Image courtesy of Panda Planner via Facebook

Panda Planner

Suffering from anxiety and depression following Lyme Diseases, cancer and a brain injury, founder Michael Leip created Panda Planner as a means of getting his life back on track and regaining control.  The Panda system is based off of scientific strategies for achieving productivity and happiness – which he is so confident in, you’ll receive your money back, no questions asked if it doesn’t work for you. Organised into daily, weekly and monthly sections for those arduous ‘to-dos,’ as well as a dedicated area of mental health such as affirmations, exercises, and priorities, you’ll also be given free access to six different ebooks to help you hit those goals.

Best for: those who want to keep track of it all.

Price: USD 24.97
Learn more about the Panda Planner here

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Clever Fox Planner 2021

Image courtesy of Clever Fox Planner via Facebook

Clever Fox Planner

If your desk it littered with sticky notes and drowning in to-do lists, Clever Fox Planner is the deadline log for you. A weekly spreads allow for you to write your tasks under each day of the week, including goals, priorities and even those non-work related must remembers. Looking ahead? Its yearly goals section helps you to set intentions and stay motivated as months pass. Plus, it comes with stickers.

Best for: those who need structure, but enjoy the creative process

Price: USD 36.99
Learn more about the Clever Fox Planner here

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