Devialet, the French audio company opens their first pop-up store named ‘The Phantom Experience’ in the heart of Pacific Place, Admiralty.

Devialet is founded by an engineer Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel, entrepreneur Quentin Sannie, and designer Emmanuel Nardin in 2004, with the goal to create and wake society up. Initiating a revolution in a mundane world of sound, finally getting the second funding in 2012 and launching their first Phantom Launch in 2015, they are continuously growing and the revolution is becoming bigger and bigger.

From now until the end of October, shoppers can pop by the store to experience The Phantom, an extremely powerful audio system that has racked up over 41 sound and design awards since its fine line of launched in 2010.

The pop-up store showcases a product selection of the high-end wireless speakers alongside images of Devialet’s new Gold Phantom, the latest addition to the family. Besides driving brand awareness through online marketing, the pop-up store has helped customers to understand the business and the opportunity to physically interact with the product. Consumers who come to only browse the product come back to make a purchase which has lead to an increase in sales.

devialet_hive_690_2 devialet_hive_690

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