From Paris to London to Hong Kong, Anthony Gatti has caused quite a stir in the digital marketing scene with his creative agency Digital Candy.

When setting up a business, accessibility to your market is crucial – success can be far gained with the use of online facade. Handling websites, social media and e-commerce can be quite a task but that is what Digital Candy answers for – web development, design and branding to website analytics, SEO and online marketing.

Anthony Gatti, Founder of Digital Candy, left France after working for a few years as a designer and developer and secured himself a job in the United Kingdom as a web designer for an online fashion company. In the space of 4 years, Anthony has worked himself up to management level with the responsibility of the company’s website’s front-end – everything that goes online had to have a check mark from him.

Constantly on the look out for new challenges, Anthony decided to start up his own business. Developing a few online pages for Karen Millen was one of Digital Candy’s first project – similar to what he does for current clients like Lane Crawford. After 5 years in the United Kingdom, Anthony made the decision to move with his family and company to Hong Kong.

When entering the Hong Kong market, Anthony realised how different it was compared to what he was used to, saying “it was quite a shock” – especially, in terms of pricing and the perceived value of your work. After a year of learning about the structure of the Hong Kong market, he is able to keep himself busy with many projects leading to the expansion of his growing team; an editor was added responsible for online marketing and social media on top of his team of senior designers and developers . To date, he still also does some consulting work for some of his UK clients, but focuses on the Hong Kong market which is growing rapidly.

The former Managing Director of the Hive introduced Anthony to one of his first Hong Kong clients. He says, “The Hive was definitely a positive change”. Through their reputation, their website and mutual connections, Digital Candy built up their Hong Kong clientele, incorporating Lane Crawford. Anthony mentions that in Hong Kong, you are able to establish long-term relationships when you work with most types of companies. The bigger the company, the easier it is, as they understand the complexity and the level of detail Digital Candy goes into when improving a website code.

Digital Candy has worked with Lane Crawford other big names in Hong Kong for multiple projects – the MIAMI project being the “the craziest one”. Another project with the renowned retail company was the 165 Lane Crawford anniversary campaign- hovering your mouse over the ads would lead to a full-screen shop-able video ad direct shopping via the pictures. Enthusiastically answering to calls of branded companies allows them to “push boundaries” through “modern code and amazing media assets”.

“Do it right or don’t do it,” explains Anthony’s passion and attitude towards his craftsmanship.

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