Discovery Southeast Asia launches Earth Day campaign with Greenpeace, encouraging fans and eco-warriors to share how they are living sustainably on social media with #SayNo2Plastics. 

Discovery Southeast Asia has partnered with Greenpeace Southeast Asia this year to launch a 21-day #SayNo2Plastics campaign for Earth Day, on April 22nd. The challenge aims to raise awareness of the plastic crisis and encourage all to begin their sustainable journeys by opting out or using alternatives.

From April 22nd to May 13th, 2022, followers and members of the public are welcome to participate by posting a photo of their daily plastic use on social media (if any), another of their reusables (for example, bottles, bags, cutlery, straws instead of disposables), take screenshots and sign Greenpeace’s Stop single-use plastic! petition.

Contestants should make sure to use #SayNo2Plastics and #DiscoveryEarthDay in their posts, as well as tag @Discovery_SEAsia and @GreenPeaceSEA on Instagram.

“For Earth Day, we are excited to work with Greenpeace in bringing in environmental advocates from across Asia— Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam to ring in the urgency to act and save the planet. We also have dedicated TV shows that will echo themes from climate to plastics,” shared Tony Qiu, SVP General Manager, East and Southeast Asia, Warner Bros. Discovery.

Discovery Southeast Asi Earth Day #SayNo2Plastics

The campaign will also be enlisting sustainability ambassadors and eco-warriors from Southeast Asia to spread the #SayNo2Plastics message from Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Local leaders from the region advocating for environmentalism will also be collaborating to raise awareness about the plastic crisis.

Partner Asian star influencers include Liv GoldingCharlotte MeiJia EnMelissa TanAishah Jennifer SinclairAntoinette Taus, and Seri Mizani. They will be sharing their stories on how they are living sustainably, encouraging Discovery viewers to join them on social media to fight against plastics.

“Single-use plastics pose a major threat to our environment, people and the climate. While used for very short periods, single-use plastic remains in our environment for a long time, polluting ecosystems, harming wildlife and contaminating our food system”, said Marian Ledesma, a Zero-Waste Campaigner for Greenpeace Southeast Asia-Philippines.

Discovery Southeast Asi Earth Day #SayNo2Plastics

“But the problem is bigger than waste because every stage of plastic’s lifecycle – from extraction and production all the way to waste disposal – produces carbon emissions, exacerbates social inequalities, and exposes people to toxic pollutants and harmful chemicals. Urgent action on the plastic crisis is necessary to protect the Earth and all living creatures calling it home. Governments and businesses must take measures to drastically reduce plastic production and accelerate the shift to refill and reuse models,” Marian added.

Sustainable prizes await all participants, who will also be eligible to receive Discovery-branded reusable items, such as a Discovery collapsible water bottle, an Animal Planet drawstring backpack, a Discovery cutlery set, and a TLC microwavable lunchbox.


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