After leaving England to regain his motivation and self-esteem, Ridhwan Pasha was broken by failure and high expectations in his social and work life. By taking a step back, Ridhwan has created a blog named Succeed Feed, to aid and inspire those around him.

Like Henry David Thoreau, Ridhwan Pasha of Succeed Feed, travelled from London to Bangkok to find Walden; a place where his self and time could dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to him and him solely.

The experience provided Ridhwan with a getaway from his own expectations as well as others. In this period, Ridhwan focused on Succeed Feed, a blog he created to motivate and encourage people to achieve their goals. Succeed Feed provides tips, quotes, and strategies used by authors, entrepreneurs, and celebrities to cultivate readers’ minds and to build up a self-esteem which strives on succeeding.

During this period, Ridhwan began to immerse himself into philosophical books, exploring theories relating to self-enrichment and self-motivation. With these ideas, he shifted theory into practice and proceeded to implement them into his daily life. Ridhwan highlights, “If you have no self-esteem, then there would be no motivation because the fear and the doubt will always hold you back.”

“I am not saying I am an expert on this matter, because I am also on this journey of understanding and learning how to express but also respect my true self in hopes of becoming more self-motivated. Meanwhile, I am very keen on encouraging others because there are people who struggle with loving and respecting themselves and you absolutely cannot be alone on this journey,” shares Ridhwan.

Ridhwan noticed that there are a lot of comparisons in social media with other people’s lives as they have become so much more accessible and easier to spectate. Advertisements are becoming unrealistic, raising the standard of living and creating a fake mirage to that we feel we need to reach. It is easy to fall prey to this system so Ridhwan sparked the idea of Success Feed to constantly remind others of their inner value.

“I am currently creating information on self-esteem on different formats such as videos, audio, and e-books. I am also in the process of creating content that isn’t already out there – content that empowers people to rethink their self-esteem.”

For Ridhwan, the notion of self-worth is imperative. Without it, nothing of value can truly be achieved. By experiencing failures and loss firsthand, Ridhwan aims to help and connect with the community around him and through this, provide motivational and encouraging content on his blog, Succeed Feed. It is certain that we can all garner a piece of advice from Ridhwan’s blog at whatever stage in life we have reached.

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