We chat to Averardo Borghini Baldovinetti to discuss San Fabiano’s, a family-run business from Tuscany with over 600 years of history.

Wine and olive oil has been an essential part of the Baldovinetti family for over 600 years from Tuscany; and also a huge contribution towards the land’s culture.

Averardo Borghini Baldovinetti, the son of an Italian Count, discusses the importance of the olive oil culture in Southern Europe that was born around the Mediterranean and where cultivation is important – even to this day. With his family’s prestigious reputation for producing Tuscan quality olive oil and wine over the centuries; it’s no wonder Averardo has such a strong passion about San Fabiano.

To learn more about business, he studied International Business Administration in London and after graduation, he attended countless tastings and events around the world. All of this led to him coming to Hong Kong to introduce San Fabiano’s olive oil and wines into the market as he spotted an opportunity.

In Asia, oil is already used for cooking, but only a few know how to appreciate olive oil in their food. Averardo explains how he has noticed not many people understand the culture and difference between the different oils. “Grape seed oil has a lighter taste, peanut oil is good for frying and regular olive oil has the tiniest amount of extra virgin olive oil; resulting in a fruity and distinctly olive flavour. Extra virgin olive oil is extracted from the olives itself by cold pressing.”

“Our focus is to encourage people to appreciate olive oil in our meals,” explains Averardo. In his spare time, he runs seminars and blind olive oil tasting to teach people how to really taste the oil and how to cook with it correctly – exactly what we need.


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