Gaia Group’s VELO Italian Bar and Grill celebrates the Group’s 20th anniversary with an exclusive “Journey to Italy” tasting menu. 

In celebration of the Hong Kong-headquartered F&B brand’s 20th anniversary, Gaia Group is going to their roots honouring their first Italian restaurant, Gaia Ristorante with a featured “Journey to Italy” tasting menu at their VELO Italian Bar and Grill.

In a city overflowing with fine dining options, Gaia Group’s VELO shines with its modern interpretation of Italian cuisine, and deliciously inspired seasonal menu. The restaurant boasts the freshest ingredients cooked in the simplest ways, bringing out the most authentic flavours of Southern Italy. With an elaborate menu of authentic regional dishes inspired by the land and sea, guests are delighted to discover hidden Italian gastronomy surprises in the heart of Hong Kong.

Helming this menu are Chef Paolo Monti, Gaia Ristorante’s Executive Chef, Chef Alessandro Tonin, Isola Bar & Grill‘s Executive Chef, and Chef Man, VELO’s Executive Chef. Their refined expressions of Italian fine dining are combined to create a “Journey to Italy.”

This new crossover will be available at VELO featuring fresh seasonal ingredients sourced directly from Italy. Patrons may choose from a 4 course or 6 course tasting menu featuring luxuriously innovative dishes authentically Italian at heart.

Highlights of the 4 course tasting menu (HK$888) include Sicilian Smoked Octopus served with raspberry sauce and Roman-style Oxtail “Vaccinara” Tortellini with sage butter and toasted hazelnut sauce.

Gaia Group’s Italian Bar and Grill VELO’s 6 course tasting menu (HK$1,288) is available on limited dates only, created by Chef Paolo Monti. The menu offers Vitello Tonnato, garnished with Lombardy caviar, Truffled Scrambled Eggs with roasted porcini, Aragosta alla Catalana, Sardinia’s freshly caught half spiny rock lobster flavoured with fresh Italian tomatoes and lemon olive oil, Chargrilled Italian “Marango” Beef with olive oil and seasalt, and an Italian Peach Puff, a refreshing finish for a late summer Italian feast.

VELO’s HK$1,288 limited-time “Journey to Italy” dinner tasting menu is open for reservation August 31st to September 1st, and the 14th to 15th of September. Guests will be able to witness a live showcase Gaia Ristorante’s Chef Paolo Monti’s fine Italian culinary craftsmanship at VELO.

Chef Paolo Monti_Gaia Group

Chef Paolo Monti

Founded in 2000, Gaia Group was created with a vision to create authentic dining experiences in Hong Kong. Since the conception of their first Italian restaurant, Gaia Ristorante, the F&B brand now operates a string of western fine dining, casual dining, Chinese and Japanese restaurants. Gaia Group has grown their portfolio to almost 40 restaurants across Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Shao Xing and Bangkok.


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