Every couple of months, catch Gallery Hopping Night in Bangkok where art gallery and local businesses come together to participate in a night full of creative energy.

For the past couple of years, we’ve witnessed a rapid expansion of Bangkok’s art scene thanks to a new wave of creative entrepreneurs, artists, and curators growing. Started in late 2014, Gallery Hopping Night is one of the bright ideas stemmed from Founder Atty Tantivy’s passion for art. The initial idea started when she was living and working as a scientist in the United States. She was intrigued by the fact everyone is encouraged to see and find inspiration by art work in the States. 

One of her dreams is to support art back in her home country. So she looked for something similar in Bangkok and discovered the French Embassy’s La Fete Galleries Night. Impressed and inspired the event but Atty noticed it was challenging to go from one place to another as it was hosted all over the city. So she decided to host an event by contacting all the gallery to come together as one on Gallery Hopping Night.

“The purpose of Gallery Hopping Night is to expose people to art more so that they feel that art could be a part of their lives as well.  Little by little we hope that people will feel less intimidated by art and the whole art scene here,” explains Atty.  

The Gallery Hopping NIght in Bangkok lets people walk from one place to the next whether it is in Chareonkrung, Silom or Sukhumvit area. Participating galleries varies each time depending on the establishment. Some of the regular participants are Atta Gallery, a contemporary jewellery and wearable art gallery, Serindia Gallery, a fine art and photography gallery, MOST Gallery, Speedy Grandma, JAM and Bridge Art Space.


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