Looking for ways to reduce your eco-footprint and live a greener life? We’ve got you covered. Here are 4 green apps to help you revamp your lifestyle that are actually worth downloading.

Want to plant trees by surfing the web, track your plastic usage with a click or work on building up some sustainable habits? Well, luckily for you, we now live in a world where there is – quite literally – an app for everything. Here are our 4 favourite (and free!) eco-friendly lifestyle apps designed to help you navigate and conquer the everyday challenges of green living. Available to you on both iOS and Android, these handy apps make living a greener life so much easier – not to mention fun!

Scroll down for our 4 favourite eco-friendly apps to help you go green.

My Little Plastic Footprint

While it can be challenging to go completely cold turkey on plastic, you can take small steps to minimise your consumption. Aimed at helping users go plastic-free, the My Little Plastic Footprint app offers free information on waste-free alternatives, as well as fun tips and tricks to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Work towards your goal of zero-waste living by taking pledges to reduce your plastic usage, tracking your progress and adopting sustainable plastic consumption habits directly from the app.

Green Apps Sustainable Lifestyle My Little Plastic Footprint


A gamified take on conscious living, JouleBug incentivises users to make greener choices and live a more eco-friendly life by awarding each positive action with points, badges and pins. With suggestions and challenges to become more sustainable, JouleBug helps you by not only cutting down on your carbon footprint but by cutting down on spending as well: you can sync the app to your utility bills to see the amount of money you save monthly. If you’re feeling competitive, you can even share your achievements and compare statistics with friends to see who is making the most positive impact on the environment.

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Green Apps Sustainable Lifestyle Joulebug

Good on You

Dip your toes into sustainable fashion with Good on You, the app that rates the ethics of clothing brands based on criteria such as their impact on the environment, treatment of workers and their usage of animal products, so that you can make well-informed choices when shopping for a new outfit. Want to discover ethical brands that fit your budget and style? Look no further: with ratings on over 1000 brands, this app offers a comprehensive list of brands that are rated well so that you can make the switch to a more eco-friendly clothing alternative. 

Green Apps Sustainable Lifestyle Good On You


Want to google your way to a greener future? A green alternative to traditional search engines, Ecosia is dedicated to helping you plant trees with the swipe of your finger. On average, it takes around 45 searches to plant a tree. With 80% of its ad revenue going toward reforestation, Ecosia has already planted over 85 million trees all around the world, offering an effective yet easy way for you to help save the environment simply by browsing the web. 

Green Apps Sustainable Lifestyle Ecosia

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