Plant-based brand Green Common launches “Deli at Home” meal kits featuring Chinese comfort food staples and brings back their double-boiled vegan soup line. 

Hong Kong’s one-stop plant-based eatery, marketplace, and innovation platform Green Common has launched their new “Deli at Home” meal kits, bringing healthy plant-based cooking to your home. They have also brought back their well-loved Double-Boiled Vegan Soup Series, with the addition of two new flavours.

Green Common double-boiled vegan soup

The “Deli at Home” meal kits offer eleven options including classic recipes: Mapo Tofu, Steamed OmniPork Patty with Shiitake Mushroom and Water Chestnut, Thai Basil OmniPork Stir-Fry, Braised Eggplant With OmniPork, Omni Golden Fillet with Sweetcorn Sauce, Heura Chunks Stir-Fry with Broccoli, Vegetables in Coconut Curry Sauce, Japanese Vegetable Stir-Fry, and Braised Celtuce in Chinese Herbal Soup.

The kits come with all ingredients needed to prepare the recipes, and feature Green Common’s plant-based meat products such as OmniPork, Omni Golden Fillet, and Heura chicken chunks, along with fresh vegetables. They are MSG-free, do not have any added preservatives, and are prepared in a local food factory.

Green Common meal kits_Heura Chunks Stir-Fry with Broccoli

As all ingredients come pre-portioned and partially prepared, this is an easy and hassle-free option to introduce both home-cooking and a plant-based diet to your household. The recipes take be prepared in around 15 minutes with 5 easy steps, and serve 2-3 people. In addition, for those working from home, the meal kits can be delivered right to your door.

Also available for home delivery, the Green Common “Double-Boiled Vegan Soup Series” is coming back with two new flavours: Coconut Snow Fungus Soup and Papaya Double Fungus Soup.

The hearty soups are double-boiled, made with fresh ingredients, MSG-free, and with no added preservatives or additives. They come ready-made and simply needed to be reheated before enjoyment.

Green Common “Double-Boiled Vegan Soup Series”

Welcoming in the new round of consumption vouchers which will be issued by the Hong Kong government in April, Green Common is rolling out special retail cash vouchers until the 31st of May for residents to purchase to enjoy healthy plant-based products.


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