Japan’s capital is home to over 3000 sushi restaurants, so it can be hard to know which to head to. Check out our all-budget inclusive guide to our best picks for a spot of sushi in Tokyo.

Most people head to Tokyo for one of three things: shopping, shrines and sushi. A foodie’s dream, the bustling hub serves up specialist sushi restaurants in almost every incarnation to suit any budget. From futuristic sushi trains to skilled old masters, the fancy to fairly priced, we’ve compiled our guide to some of Tokyo’s best sushi spots. Read on below. 

Sushi Dai

Located right in the heart of Toyosu Fish Market, Sushi Dai’s ingredients are as fresh as they come. Living up to its hype, head to this small cosy room, reminiscent of Japanese traditional homes, for toppings of sushi served on sticky, vinegared rice. Watch the chefs prepare each dish on their two set menus for a true taste of Japanese culture in every way. 

Insider’s Tip: Queues of more than three hours are a daily occurrence, so come in a group and take turns exploring the surrounding fish market while waiting in line. Also, Sushi Dai is a cash-only restaurant, so be sure to bring enough change.

Address: 6-5-1 | Toyosu Market 3F, Toyosu, Koto 135-0061, Tokyo Prefecture
Open From: Mon – Sat: 5:30am – 2pm
Price: Meals usually range from JPY 4,000 to JPY 4,999

Himawari Sushi

If waiting in hour-long lines isn’t your thing, Himawari Sushi is one of the most popular conveyor belt sushi restaurants in the Shinjuku area and a great bet. This casual dining experience is also perfect for those on tighter budgets, with inexpensive dishes made with fresh, quality ingredients. Pull up a seat alongside the locals and breeze through plate after plate, all explained perfectly via a multilingual menu in English, Chinese and Korean. 

Insider’s Tip: Order the lunch set of assorted seafood rice bowls, miso soup and a side dish to make the most out of your money. 

Address: 1 Chome-15-3 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0023, Japan
Open From: 11am – 10pm
Price: Himawari Sushi offers dishes at starting from JPY 150 to JPY 200

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Kagurazaka Sushi Academy

For a truly filling meal, reservation-only restaurant Kagurazaka Sushi Academy has an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet and free-flowing drink courses at affordable prices. Despite the restaurant’s location in a high-end neighbourhood, all their staff are either students or graduates of Tokyo Sushi Academy, serving up the best of Tokyo’s food scene for everyone. 

Insider’s Tip: Try not to order more than what you can eat – there’s an extra fee for leftovers.

Address: 3-6-3 Kagurazaka | B1F Hilltop Bldg., Shinjuku 162-0825, Tokyo Prefecture
Open From: Mon – Fri: 11:30am – 3pm, 5pm – 10pm; Sat – Sun: 11:30am – 10pm
Price: Buffet sets range from JPY 2,980 to JPY 3,780

Sushi Take

Who would’ve thought that a sushi restaurant could represent female empowerment – especially in the male-dominated world of Japanese cuisine? But, Sushi Take is the only high-end sushi spot in Tokyo run by a female head chef. Chef Takeuchi-san has won Tabélog awards for three consecutive years, garnering great reviews for her delicacies served up from this homely eight-seat hideaway that delivers a traditional Edo-style experience. Head there to have Chef Takeuchi-san personally guide you through the menu – and for a truly impressive meal in every way. 

Insider’s Tip: Sushi Take’s daily selection of seafood changes according to the quality of fish at the morning market, so be sure to ask the chef what’s best today. 

Address: 7-6-5 Ginza | Ishii Kishuya Bldg 4F, Chuo 104-0061, Tokyo Prefecture
Open From: Mon – Tue: 5pm – 11pm; Thu-Sun: 5 pm – 11pm
Price: Meals typically range from JPY 20,000 to JPY 29,000

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Uobei Shibuya Dogenzaka

For a taste of the future, check out Oubei Shibuya Dogenzaka. All about the tech, this restaurant doesn’t have any waiters. Instead, customers place their orders via a multilingual touch screen and are amazed when their dishes are delivered on high-speed shinkansen sushi trains straight from the kitchen. Sure, the sushi itself may not be prepared by highly advanced robots, but the whole experience still adds a certain something to your lunch!

Insider’s Tip: Uobei Shibuya Dogenzaka has great vegetarian options, catering to everyone’s dietary preferences.

Address: 2-29-11 Dogenzaka | 1f, Shibuya 150-0043, Tokyo Prefecture
Open From: 11am – 12am
Price: Dishes start at JPY 100

Sushisho Saito

One of Tokyo’s many hidden gems, Sushisho Saito is the three Michelin-starred sushi haven that all the real foodies seek out. Eager visitors walk through a pebble-lined entrance and are met with traditional Japanese decor with cool tones and paper-covered screens. Known as one of the most skilful sushi masters in Tokyo’s culinary world, Chef Saito crafts dishes that put a twist on traditional Edo-style flavours with innovative and delightful combinations. Truly a sushi fanatic’s dream come true, their 30-course omakase dinner in Sushisho Saito is paired with the nation’s top sakes by the head chef himself. 

Insider’s Tip: If you have any preferences for which type of fish you prefer, just let the chef know beforehand – Sushisho Saito is extremely accommodating and will tweak their Omakase menu for you. 

Address: 4-2-2 Akasaka, Minato 107-0052, Tokyo Prefecture
Open From: Tue – Sun: 6pm – 11pm
Price: Dining experiences range from JPY 30,000 to JPY 39,999

Guide to Tokyo Best Sushi Uobei Shibuya Dogenzaka Sushisho Saito

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