Will your startup win Soundboard Asia 2017? Apply for an opportunity to secure US$25,000 investment to kick-start your business ideas.


Soundboard Asia is a programme commencing in April 2017 which equips budding entrepreneurs through sessions with successful entrepreneurs, with a chance to showcase their talents through evenings of mini-pitches, and an opportunity for one team to secure US$25,000 investment to kick-start their business. The heats and programme will take place in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok, with the Grand Finals hosted at The Hive Studios in Hong Kong.

Programme Sessions will be primarily focused on learning from established entrepreneurs and influencers through discussions on fundraising, industry-specific conversations, networking opportunities and other topics essential to entrepreneurs.


If you’ve got the next big idea in its development stage, come be a part of Soundboard to share it with an inspiring audience of influencers who will provide you with real-time feedback. Practice Rounds are currently taking place on a monthly basis in all three cities (Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok) in preparation for Soundboard Asia 2017.

Soundboard has featured teams sharing creative ideas ranging from eCommerce, beauty & wellness, dating apps, travel platforms, IoT innovations, to eyewear; and are always excited to hear new ideas in different fields.

To sign up, please email [email protected] with a brief description of your new idea. We look forward to seeing you at the next Soundboard event either as an influencer or a pitching team.


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