Visit Hong Kong’s annual affordable art fair and weave through a maze of beautiful art work. No matter how old or wealthy you are, art can and should be enjoyed by all.

The annual Affordable Art Fair took place this year at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 19th May until the 21st May. With 1,000 artists from Hong Kong, Korea, South Africa, the UK and China; art pieces were available to be purchased at the fair with pieces ranging from canvas paintings, sculptures to handmade wooden frames. This year, there was also a section called the Creative Hub where children could indulge into art work themselves.

Before we enter the hall, there is already a piece that catches our eye – the ‘faceless hoodie’ by the Chinese artist, Huang Yulong. His “Beside Me” piece really caught our eye from the entrance of the fair; and it also caught a lot of other people’s attention as everyone was having their photographs with the piece.

Upon entering the hall, you are surrounded by colour, subtle paintings and unique pieces – our visual appetite was filled by each stand that we saw. We spotted bargains ranging from HK$120 to HK$100,000, a lot of pieces on special offers and every gallery was very enthusiastic about their pieces.

Singaporean contemporary artist, Liu Xuanqi’s “Vessel Chanel” and “LOVE Superduck” were some of our favourite pieces too for having the yellow rubber duck inside an infamous Chanel perfume bottle or dress as Batman.

From the Kim JaeSun gallery, by Mariecat, offers a very cute range of canvas pieces – with each picture incorporating an image of a cat into it. One fun example being the “Piece of Mind” acrylic on canvas bright and colourful pieces; these are sure to liven up the room the canvas is placed in!

At the back of the exhibition hall, we noticed a small crowd next to the wrapping stand. There we discovered Epsilon Frames, known for their unique handmade wooden frames, where a carver was working on a wooden frame with care and amazing accuracy. On display was a beautifully carved dragon frame in beech wood and the attention on the dragons was simply breathtaking.

Those were just a few of our favourite pieces that we saw, the list is endless for inspiring, serene or punkish pieces. We can’t wait until next year’s Affordable Art Fair to see what the fair has to offer!

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