Impossible Foods’ plant-based pork launches in Hong Kong. Visit the Impossible Pork booth at Tong Chong Street Market for a limited number of 100 free bento boxes available a day.

Impossible Foods has launched their long-awaited plant-based pork product in Hong Kong. Impossible Pork is now included in the menus of 40 different partner restaurants and available for people to try for free at Taikoo Place‘s Tong Chong Street Market, where 100 bento boxes are being given away a day until the 8th of October.

Impossible Pork Launches in Hong Kong

The successful event is reaching mass popularity in Hong Kong, it only taking 40 minutes for all 100 bento boxes to be given away the past two days. Hoping to raise awareness of plant-based meat, the Impossible Foods team in Hong Kong hopes to open the public’s eyes to alternative protein options and are enthusiastic about their reception in the city.

“Pork is one of the most widely consumed and important proteins in Asia, pretty much in the world as well,” Denise Kwok, the Senior Marketing Manager of Impossible Foods shared with Hive Life, “We are really excited to bring it to consumers in this part of the world to try the product.”

Impossible Foods' Meatless Pork Giveaway Event

Despite the lack of familiarity with meatless diets in traditional Asian cultures, Impossible Foods is looking forward to introducing its plant-based pork in Hong Kong.

“I’ve been here since the beginning in 2018 when we first launched in Hong Kong. And I’ve seen the positive kind of uplift in terms of consumer perception, appreciation and being more open-minded to try different kinds of plant-based protein,” said Denise, “I do admit that, in Chinese culture, vegetarian or no-meat has not been a long-standing culture, but I think [Impossible Pork] is quite a new age, revolutionary kind of product. With the free giveaway event closing on the coming Friday, more people are now visiting the Tong Chong Street Market to try the free samples. It provides a great opportunity for anyone in Hong Kong to try Impossible Pork, especially for those who are not familiar with plant-based meat products.”

Impossible Pork Launches in Hong Kong

Impossible Pork will be available at Tong Chong Street Market for people to try throughout the entire month, even after the end of the trial event. A number of partner restaurants have agreed to continue serving Impossible Pork dishes with their signature menus at the same location, so that people can get a taste of the plant-based pork product while enjoying their food at the same time.

Hong Kong Maxim’s Group will also launch Impossible Pork dishes in their restaurants, including Jasmine and their fast food chain MX, offering an Eggplant & Impossible Pork Casserole at 45 locations across Hong Kong, becoming the first quick-service restaurant in the city to serve Impossible Foods.

Maxims Jasmine_Impossible Pork Hong Kong


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