Witnessing the digital renaissance of poetry, Instagram redefines traditional literature by introducing a liberated and unfiltered form of expression. To celebrate the new poetic genre and experimental craft, Hive Life captures the essence of #instapoetry with some of Asia Pacific’s rising Instagram poets.  

In the midst of poetry’s digital renaissance, a new genre transcends beyond books, beliefs, and culture. The dynamic appeal, relatability, and accessibility of these aspiring Instagram poets account for their mainstream popularity among young followers. 

While iconic poets Shakespeare, Plath, Angelou, and more honorifics, remain at the forefront of traditional literature, Instagram has fostered the rise of a new generation of #instapoets. Queen of the realm, Rupi Kaur, established herself as a powerful Instagram poetess, narrating her experiences in immigration, womanhood, inequality, and growth. Such honest and fearless poetic expression has dramatically influenced the shift to modernist poetry, inspiring many others to follow suit. 

Aspiring Instagram Poets in APAC_rupikaur


Exploring diverse and liberated works, we capture some of APAC’s rising Instagram poets, as these emerging voices manifest empowerment, femininity, sexuality, and diaspora. 

@thisbluecreature – Blue Rachapradit 

At the heart of my name Is a river

Nata (น้ำ) means water 

Two letters A mouse (นู) and a soldier (ท)

 In reference to my father 

His name too is made up of

 The quiet and the steady 

The cunning and the strong 

Light steps – ammunition in hand 

They come together in his name 

To say – Boom! A deafening noise

 The beat of a drum Mine comes together to say

 Shhh which is to say true 

Which is to say clarity 

Marks me with an unshakable vulnerability 

That shivers like glass 

And the stubbornness 

Fresh water possess for salt 

Hurrying towards the sea 

Aspiring Instagram Poets in APAC_thisbluecreature


Blue Rachapradit is a visual poet, graphic designer, as well as the founder and Art Director of The F Word Art Magazine, based in Thailand. Through her “perpetually naked and honest” visual creations, and subversive poetry, she explores the surreal landscape of women’s sexuality and the diaspora discourse on her roots and culture. Blue’s works convey her philosophical notion of triumph over the preset patriarchy by empowering and reclaiming the female body, femininity, and womanhood. The poetess featured her spoken word, from her Protest Poetry collection at Lyrical Lunacy, Bangkok’s Leading Poetry Slam, navigating the personal, political, and cultural dilemma of living away from home, amongst different values and beliefs. 

@knguyenpoetry – Kimberly Nguyen 

and what do i get to keep?

my love    overflowing for you        i saw the future:    each star alignment

would leave me empty-handed        still, i turned towards you      kneeling, i raised

my palms to the sky      my beseeching hands, unfolded


in benediction, hands never close        into a fist      what lands upon our trembling fingers

can always lift off and leave us    my faith was wrong    it once thought    ecstasy

was the image of god    in which we were made    i know now that image was pain

the way i look at you        the same way god must have looked at adam

and saw the future:  a back turned from an outstretched hand        god and i—

the same fool both knowing that we will come away with nothing  having given everything our

hands reaching towards you anyway

Aspiring Instagram Poets in APAC_knguyenpoetry


Kimberly Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American diaspora Instagram poet and writer, who expresses the tragic history of her roots through her visually phenomenal language and poetry. She was awarded the Beatrice Daw Brown Prize for her eminent work in poetry and is the Emerging Voices Fellow in Poetry at PEN America. Redefining the means of intergenerational trauma, she courageously addresses and traverses the unforgiving past through her works. Kimberly is the author of I Am Made of War, flesh, and ghosts in the stalks, the themes of which revolve around important and poignant moments associated with her lost identity, racism and sexism faced, as well as her coming of age. Her poetry captures a powerful image through the words and perception of an Asian girl, living and growing up in a foreign place called home. 

@thenovelencounter – Adam Tie

you warrior, adventurer,

 at one point 

i know that you felt invincible 

but life humbled you

 and took your light. 

once your own angel 

now struggling to stay aloft, 

clipped wings desperate to reach the stars. 

you may never be invincible again 

& in fact you probably never were. 

but now you’re something powerful 

because you survived the fall 

and keep rising into the midnight sun. 

you don’t have to be the hero, see? 

all you have to be is yourself. 

Aspiring Instagram Poets in APAC_thenovelencounter


Founder, author, and poet at Singapore-based The Novel Encounter, Adam Tie defines his poetry as positive, euphoric, and a vivid expression of his life experiences, compiled with some hilarious anecdotes. “Mister Write,” as his bio reads, periodically tailors bespoke typewritten poems for his visitors and those interested in his craft, during live events hosted. The poet’s unique and personalised literature has made him a sensation, weaving simple words given by the audience into beautiful, captivating poetry pieces. Inspired by classic novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald, the independent poet published his first novel, This Life Electric (2020), incorporating the familiar theme of a dream and promise. 

@ladyredego – Lady Red Ego

It was not the breadth, but the depth

that made the difference. Like 

farming ice, everyone was so pale 

and far away. And I learnt it your way, 

with green hair in a pub full of traffic.

 And I did it your way, kept dead ends 

living on a prayer. You do know that 

black hair is also an exciting and very gay 

colour, right? You know that I am the same 

as my mother and cousin and auntie

 just as I am the same as you, frosted-tipped 

butch, with your arctic shoulders and 

melting lips. Climates do change 

at a push. And a white man on youtube 

told me that some Chinese Yaozu women 

grow their hair into forever. 我要更像你一樣! 

Tell me, then, this secret of holding on 

even when it seems like the future will never 

come, even when the present melts under

 my fingers. Tell me about the southern

 waters of wanting. 

Aspiring Instagram Poets in APAC_ladyredego


Chinese and British instapoet and writer, Lady Red Ego, paints a poetic expression around the taboos of sexual desire and hidden fantasies, vocalising the unspoken realms of intimacy beyond the physical. As a queer artist, she first gained recognition at ​the age of 18 by the Queer Words Project Scotland, continued to perform at various recitals, and in 2019 BBC The Social featured her poem “Rain.” Her recent pamphlet, Natural Sugars, is a collective of contemporary poetry on sexual exploration and reclamation of her body. Split between two cultural upbringings, the writer addresses her diasporic culture in her poetry. She enjoys “rewriting historic figures, to give readers a better understanding of the complexity of stories.” The poet has performed her spoken poetry Poetics of Home at the Chinese Diaspora Festival, in The Mapping of Desire, navigating gender and sexual identities through their poetry. 

@tokyorf – Rachel Ferguson

Loss of a Half-formed Thing 

false start

jumped the gun 

little loaf 



mindless pipe dream 

stunted seed 

dumb idea




photo spool 

tasteless teaser

 april fool 


careless joy

 boastful lie 

silly unsung



partial poem 

pencil sketch

 briefly human 

little wretch 


faulty pea-brain

feeble heart

 benign growth

 scrape it out 


un-announce it 

toss out names

 stomach pity 

bury shame 


lipstick lips 

put on shoes

 black mascara 


Aspiring Instagram Poets in APAC_tokyorf


Rachel Ferguson is an Instagram poet based in Japan with a rather interesting background. Moving to a different country, Rachel worked as a TV presenter, voice artist, and writer in Tokyo, and co-founded Ryozan Park Preschool and Ryozan Park, before discovering her passion for poetry and prose. The poet delves into womanhood, motherhood, and more, as the diverse range of poems and prose covered tells of her strong grasp of universal themes. Her work quoted above narrates the heartbreaking tale of a miscarriage she endured, hoping to find solace and offer those undergoing the same some comfort, through her heartfelt and candid poise. 

@jaidynpoetry – Jaidyn Luke Attard

young girl with a bridge piercing 

makes eyes with me as two men 

stagger up to her sitting place 

in front of the State Library —

 and we both know in that moment 

the men are going to sit beside her, 

one on either flank, trapped

in their musk and cigarette smoke —

they both turn their necky necks 

to stare at her, look her up, down,

tobacco trail wafting in and through

her deeply pierced nostrils —

and she stands to make her getaway,

knowing that i know she is uncomfortable 

with the smokey stranger stumblers 

that wanted something more from her —

Aspiring Instagram Poets in APAC_jaidynpoetry


Paving the streets of Melbourne, Jaidyn Attard discovered his passion for street poetry and spoken word, as he led the ground-breaking offbeat and edgy poetic movement in the locality. Alongside his work in dark academia, he founded The Degraves Circle, a cluster of like-minded Melbournian writers, poets and artists, sharing the same vision and vibration for the poetry revolution. Making his journey from an instapoet to establishing his very own publishing house, Roadside Press, Jaidyn wrote and published his first book together with two other writers Jay and Rick, “There’s a Tale to This City,” a collective of peculiar portrayal, combined with poetry, narrative prose, and toilet paper diary entries on navigating the streets and their experiences in Melbourne.  

Emily Lee Luan

Bitterness is the Chinese Root of Emotional Hurt

苦痛 痛苦

苦難 艱苦

苦澀 悲苦

苦悶 愁苦

苦惱 困苦

苦頭 受苦

苦笑 吃苦

苦命 辛苦

A toiling            an astringent lowness

A labored          misery. My love used to

Bloom                overnight, the streets wide

Enough              for me to walk down. Life

A bloody            toe or two. Easy. But I’ve been

Making              my mother’s bitter

Melon:               halved, hollowed out,

Sautéed             with garlic, salt, the eyes of

Fermented        black beans opening

To me                from the pan. It’s not

Sugar                  I crave, but an ache that

Still makes        the tongue water.

A sadness          held in the mouth. Is this

Savor my           ceaseless condition? If so, I’m

Sick                    with it. Pull out my molars.

Make of             me a simpler O.

Aspiring Instagram Poets in APAC_emilyluan


A worthwhile mention – Emily Lee Luan is a Taiwanese American poet, author of I Watch the Boughs, a chapbook containing honest and heartfelt expressions, and is also an educator at Rutgers University, Newark. Her poetry work explores themes of diaspora, and cultural entanglement, steeped deep into the loss and longing of a forgotten past, combining western and Chinese elements in her portrayal. The poet, alongside her many accomplishments, was accredited and published by the Best American Poetry (2021), American Poetry Review, as well as The Offing, featuring the above poem, on inherited mannerisms, and a bittersweet representation of her roots. 

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