It’s an age-old question – whether to choose Mac computers or PCs. From aesthetic to security, here are 6 reasons you should consider Apple hardware.

Whether you have a startup plan in mind or are already running an established business, having robust IT infrastructure is always going to be on top of your mind. The right choice in hardware will probably be the first priority because you would want to have only the best. And when it comes to the selection between Mac and Windows, the latter seems to be a staple for most businesses for the last few decades. Still, forward-thinking CEO’s have other recommendations – whether it be for a small home business or a large enterprise, a lot of them would vote for Apple’s Mac. And they have some good reasons to prefer this operating system, aside from the premium look and feel of the brand. 

Here are some reasons why CEOs choose Mac for their business.  

High-end look and feel

To start with, Mac definitely takes full marks for its high-end look and feel and the brand value attached to Apple. Sure, function is more important than form but you cannot ignore the value of the first impression that you can have on your clients as you walk in with the latest model of this beauty. Moreover, employees tend to prefer Macs. After using a Mac once, many users regard PCs as being a little clunky in comparison. 

Mac Computers

Seamless collaboration with the iPhone and iPad

As part of Apple’s product ecosystem, Mac has the distinct advantage of being capable of working seamlessly with the iPhone and iPad. Apple designs its hardware and software in-house, meaning that the OS is tailored to work for all the devices that come under its brand. For example, if you take a picture on an iPhone, it will be synced automatically through iCloud to your Mac and iPad, all without any external software. Similarly, your text messages can be synced across all the three devices; so you can start a conversation on one device and continue it on another. This can be a huge advantage when you use Mac for business as the employees have the flexibility to switch across devices when out of office. Since Apple devices are popular, the OS makes a good choice for enterprise mobility.

Less expensive to maintain and manage

Smart CEOs always focus on saving money in the long run. Even if you invest relatively more by having Macs for your business today, you end up saving a lot eventually. These devices are relatively less expensive to maintain and manage as compared to PCs. You don’t even require professional IT support for regular maintenance and troubleshooting. Just following these Mac maintenance tips which can cover you to a significant extent when it comes to cleaning and decluttering the systems. Mac also comes up with frequent updates and patches, which means that your employees can have access to better features and security without dependency on IT support. For companies with large workforces, this can translate into savings of thousands of dollars every year.

More secure out of the box

Considering the fact that you have access to numerous updates and security patches from Apple from time to time, the Mac OS naturally is more secure out of the box. On the other hand, you may end up spending a huge amount of money and time on securing your PCs for frequent infection-cleanup efforts, incessant antivirus updates, and dealing with problematic fixes. With Mac, however, you have fewer threats and viruses to handle. So you end up with more secure systems and stronger IT infrastructure for your business as a whole. And this is one thing that matters the most, regardless of the size and scale of the company.

Superior backup options

Apart from the confidence of good security, you also get the advantage of superior backup options with Mac. This is something that matters a lot in the corporate scenario, where losing data and information due to device crashes is a major concern. Apple comes up with some pretty amazing native backup options, so data loss is never a thing to fear if you choose to run your business on this OS. Additionally, Mac has the ‘Time Machine’ feature, which enables you to backup your computer automatically every hour or day. It just runs in the background and there is no manual action required. Additionally, you can rely on the syncing features which allow the users to link up all of the Apple devices over the cloud so that you have lots of recovery options through iPhones and iPads.

Prolonged lifespan and better support

Generally speaking, Macs last for a long time and do not have any major issues through its lifespan, provided that you keep the machine updated. Moreover, frequent and easy access to software fixes make the devices last even longer. Thankfully, you have good support options if you happen to experience hardware breakdowns. Another upside of these devices is that they have a good resale value, so you can actually consider a revamp once in a while without being apprehensive. Just sell the old systems and replace them with new ones – you can do it without spending a fortune!

Obviously, the price of Mac is one factor that will have you thinking twice before considering the option for your business. But it is really easy to justify the expense if you think about all the advantages it has to offer. Apart from the great look and feel, the fact that you will get consistently updated software, inter-device connectivity, and easy maintenance benefits make it a great option for any company. So if you count the number of CEOs who recommend the OS for your business, the figure shouldn’t actually surprise you. Mac deserves the reputation it has and it surely makes the effort to give the best to the users. A switch to the OS or starting with it from scratch is, therefore, one of the best decisions you can make for your business. 


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