Our top picks for coffee subscriptions in Melbourne will save time while still ensuring a quality coffee experience.

For those working from home or looking to brew their daily cup personally, Melbourne has a variety of coffee subscription options available, deliverable nation-wide. It was the postwar immigration wave of Italians that sparked the Australian coffee culture that we know and love today. The Italians brought, along with piston-driven coffee machines, a dream to make coffee shops a second home for their visitors, and in time, locals embraced the Italian coffee culture as their own, evolving and transforming the scene as trends and tastes shifted.

Today, both internationally sourced, and Australian-grown coffee can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. Here’s our guide to the best Australian coffee subscriptions.

Code Black

3056, the postcode for the Code Black Roastery, incidentally also represents their Code Black signature blend. Sourced from Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Brazil, the 3056 espresso blend’s slick, malty profile makes for a versatile cup, suitable for lattes or espressos. Of course, it goes without saying that Code Black lives up to its name through their single origin coffees. Take the Colombia Eiver Melo espresso: its mandarin, jasmine, and pistachio notes make it a prime example of a delicate, nuanced Colombian coffee. Take your pick from a wide range of single origins, espresso blends, and filters in a 250g or 1kg package, ground to suit your preferred brewing method or in wholebean form.

Hive Life pick: Colombia Eiver Melo Filter Coffee

Monthly subscription: AU$21

code black coffee


Market Lane

Market Lane is a specialty coffee roastery and retailer, founded and based in Melbourne in 2009. Beans are meticulously sourced from some of the best growers worldwide, then roasted in small batches at Market Lane’s Brunswick East roastery.

With Market Lane’s subscription service that delivers delicious beans to your door every fortnight for 20AUD, you will never run out of fresh coffee. Take your pick from their seasonal espresso, the Bolivian Pedro Flores blend with notes of pecan, orange, and honey, or their filter beans such as the Remera Twitezimbere, a small select lot reminiscent of walnut and brown sugar, topped off with a creamy mouthfeel.

Hive Life pick: Remera Twitezimbere (Rwanda)

Monthly subscription: AU$20

market lane coffee shop melbourne



Demonstrating a deep respect for the complexity of coffee, Dukes‘ subscription service offers the fundamentals: carefully profiled, tweaked, and packaged to perfection. Their espresso blends, strong yet versatile, are perfect black or with milk,

Dukes’ online store also boasts a refined collection of specialty single origin filters roasted fresh in Melbourne daily and shipped nationwide, from the rich, syrupy raspberry and maraschino cherry notes of their Ethiopia Suke Quto to the sweet and balanced Honduras Maria Bonita, or the ever-versatile Highwire blend.

What’s more, partnered with conservation nonprofit WeForest, Dukes is committed to sustainability, so you can enjoy your brew knowing that your coffee is cooling down the planet.

Hive Life pick: Highwire Organic Blend

Monthly subscription: AU$20

Duke's coffee interior


Three Thousand Thieves

No matter where you are in the world, specially picked, Australian-roasted beans can be sent straight to you. Every month, Three Thousand Thieves features a new Australian roaster, allowing you to explore new options from all over the country, whether it’s a fruity filter roast or a deep espresso blend. Thieves is currently partnered with Cartel Roasters, Clark St Coffee, and Code Black, to name a few.

This month, Thieves features a roast from Industry Beans, which consists of 33% Montana Verde, Honduras, 34% Kirasa, Burundi, and 33% Quebrada de Agua Negra, Colombia, making for a versatile cup with notes of blackcurrant, tangy blood orange, and chocolate. The Ethiopian filter roast tastes of guava, cola, and blueberries — a beautifully complex profile.

Hive Life pick: changes monthly!

Monthly subscription: AU$25

three thousand thieves coffee subscription


Proud Mary Coffee

Proud Mary‘s subscription service offers high-quality filters and espressos sourced from Brazil, Kenya, Honduras, Burundi, and Ethiopia, with flavours bound to suit your palate.

Of course, no coffee subscription would be complete without the top shelf stuff. This month, Proud Mary proudly presents a 100g tin of the Bernardina Sunrise from El Salvador, a coffee that is 70% genetically identical to Geisha, but otherwise unrecognisable. The Bernardina’s vanilla, jasmine, and mango notes truly sets it apart from any other coffee.

Proud Mary’s vision goes far beyond the cup. The specialty coffee roaster ensures that farmers and producers should be financially supported and rewarded for the labour and dedication that goes into every single coffee bean. Investing in farms and infrastructure supports communities and workers, while also enhancing the quality of each harvest.

Hive Life pick: Humbler Blend

Monthly subscription: AU$24

proud mary coffee cafe interior melbourne


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